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SEIU 1021 staff and member leaders are working hard to safeguard your health at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to find employer-specific information, details, and documents to learn more about what’s happening in your worksite during this outbreak.

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SEIU 1021 SCUSD Strike Update 3/26/22

SEIU 1021 SCUSD Strike Update 3/26/22

Friday, March 26, the SEIU 1021 Sacramento City Unified School District bargaining team once again requested that the District join us at the bargaining table. We asked them to join us Saturday morning at 10am. We shared our request for them to join us with media, in hopes of pushing them to respond to our request rather than ignoring it as they have ignored all of our requests to bargain since March 17.

Here is a brief strike update as of 9:30am on Saturday, March 26.


Sac City Educators & School Workers Strike DAY THREE: Striking Educators & Staff Hit the Street
Today, Friday, March 25, beginning at 11am, Caesar Chavez Park, across from City Hall, teachers, school staff, parents, and community supporters to rally and march in downtown Sacramento  

M E D I A   A D V I S O R Y

Friday, March 25, 2022


Contact: SCTA Jamie Horwitz, 202-549-4921 (cell), 

SEIU 1021: Jennie Smith-Camejo 510-710-0201,


DAY TWO Sacramento City Schools Staff & Educators Strike: Strike Continues. No New Talks Scheduled.
Teachers, school staff, parents and community supporters to rally Thurs., 11 am, at the Sacramento County Office of Education (near Mather Field)

M E D I A  A D V I S O R Y

Thursday, March 24, 2022 


Contact: SCTA Jamie Horwitz, 202-549-4921 (cell),

SEIU Jennie Smith-Camejo 510-710-0201,

SACRAMENTO –A strike by 4,600 Sacramento teachers and other school workers, members of the Sacramento City Teachers Association and SEIU Local 1021, enters its second day Thursday. No contract talks were held on Wednesday and no talks have been scheduled.


Sac City Unified Schools Staff & Educators Strike
Here's What You Need to Know & Where to Go to Support!

SEIU 1021 members along with the educators of Sacramento City Teachers Association (SCTA) have been on strike since Wednesday, March 23, as District management continues to ignore its role in its staffing crisis and negotiate a fair contract that will retain and recruit staff. 

Watch our 3/26/22 9:30am update on where negotiations stand here.


Read our most up-to-date press releases here


Our Joint Strike with SCTA Is Set to Begin Next Wednesday, March 23

Big thanks to the hundreds of you who came out to our rally with our union sisters and brothers from SCTA at the school board yesterday. Between our two unions and a fantastic outpouring of support from parents, community members, and other Sacramento area union members, we had roughly 2,500 people in attendance. Wow! What a show of force! We are so strong together. Check out photos from the rally on Facebook here!


Sacramento City Unified Schools Members Vote by 97% to Authorize Strike
No strike date has been set yet, but if SCUSD management continues to violate labor law, classified staff and educators will go on strike

Last week, Sacramento City Unified School District classified staff and educators voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. 97% of classified staff, who are represented by SEIU 1021, and 95% of certificated educators, who are represented by the California Teachers Association, voted yes. As a result, the SCUSD bargaining team now has the green light to call a strike if SCUSD management continues to negotiate in bad faith on key issues related to staffing, the quality of instruction, and health and safety protocols.


SEIU/SCTA Joint Plan of Action to Protest SCUSD Bad-Faith Bargaining & Address the Staffing Crisis

The staffing crisis continues in Sac City:

  • The shortage of bus drivers, instructional aides, health aides, custodians, and other classified support staff has hindered services to students.
  • 3,000 students every day are without even a substitute teacher.
  • 600 students remain waiting to be enrolled in independent study because there aren’t enough teachers.
  • Despite having the largest reserve fund in its history ($125 million) and having received an additional $313 million in federal and state COVID funds which the United State Secreta

Sacramento City Unified School District Transportation Workers Protest Unsafe Working Conditions and Short-Staffing That Endanger Health and Safety of Kids, Staff
The situation has reached a crisis point in recent weeks, with supervisors telling bus drivers who test positive to continue working and putting kids who have tested positive on school buses

As the Omicron variant has ripped through Sacramento, schools that have long been at a tipping point are in a full-fledged crisis. Nowhere have the effects of the latest COVID surge been more acutely felt than among SCUSD transportation workers. These workers were already short-staffed before Omicron hit and now find themselves required to work in conditions that put themselves, their families, the students they transport, and entire school communities at grave risk.


Important Bargaining Update– Action Needed!
Take Our Member Survey & Come to Our Action This Friday

Your bargaining team has met with the District several times in the last couple of weeks.

We asked the District to use some of their one-time COVID money to pay our members one-time hazard pay. We also asked for a couple of paid days for people to get vaccinated and boosted for those who haven’t, and of course we demanded more COVID leave time. Since the winter holidays, everyone has been heavily impacted by COVID. Many of our members are exhausting all their sick leave trying to cope.