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This statement just went out in response to the bail bonds industry’s submission of signatures to block bail reform.
This year we co-sponsored SB 10, which was signed by Gov. Brown into law. 

See the story on the bail bonds industry’s most recent effort to protect its profits: https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-ca-bail-referendum-signatures-20181120-story.html



Date: Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 12:53 PM

SEIU California

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Camp Fire Relief Fund

This past week fires have ravaged homes and neighborhoods across Butte County in our country’s deadliest wildfire in a century. Countless Butte County residents, including SEIU 1021 members and staff, have had to flee their homes and take shelter in evacuation centers and in our friends’ and families’ homes.
We are here to support and stand by those who have been affected by the fires. Together, we will rebuild. Together, we will recover.


Tomorrow Is Election Day

 “We have to step up as voters and cast a vote for someone that will support the work we do in our community. And this is that election. said Akbar Bibb, who has been a Solano County social worker for 24 years.

In California, the Rent is Too Damn High

In California, the Rent is Too Damn High

Laws like Costa Hawkins prevents cities from expanding rent control and tenants rights’ laws. In fact they only benefit the wealthy, corporate landlords who are inflating housing prices and fueling our state’s affordability crisis.

That’s why SEIU 1021, as part of a broad coalition of cities, labor unions, and affordable housing advocates, are working to put an end to Costa Hawkins by urging voters to vote yes on Prop 10.


AHS Workers Rally to Stop Patient Care Cuts

Alameda Health System (AHS) employees took their fight for better patient care to the streets in front of the joint meeting of the AHS Board of Trustees and Alameda County Board of Supervisors on September 25. Workers from Highland Hospital, Fairmont Hospital, John George Psychiatric Pavilion, Wellness Centers, and more joined community allies to stand against patient care cuts proposed by AHS administrators.


Stand With Santa Clara University Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers

Fall classes at Santa Clara University (SCU) start this week, and faculty and students are ramping up their organizing efforts. They’re urging Father Engh, the president of Santa Clara University, and the Board of Trustees to reverse their decision denying faculty a free and fair process to unionize.


Think Big. Act

4,709 workplaces covered by SEIU 1021 contracts

60,000 workers represented by SEIU 1021 in Northern California

9,708 job classifications filled by SEIU 1021 members



Saving Sonoma County Parks and Jobs

“I’m calling members, texting people I know, pulling on people’s ears to educate them on the importance of Sonoma County’s Measure M,” said Michael Stanford, who works in Sonoma County Parks “I tell them that if they love the great outdoors and want more parkland with more trails, and also want to create green union jobs, they should vote yes.”

Measure M, if approved by voters, will raise funds for county and city parks throughout Sonoma County, bringing in approximately $11.5 million dollars annually to the parks system. 


Rise Like the Phoenix: Our 2018 Member Convention

More than 600 member leaders convened in Concord on the weekend of September 22-23 for our member convention to chart the course for the future of our union and to hear from inspiring speakers on how we must transform and innovate to thrive during challenging times.

Watch Mary Kay Henry and Rev. Dr. Barber’s keynote speeches below. To view additional photos and videos from our 2018 Member, including keynotes from Marielena Hincapie, Bill Fletcher, Mayor Michael Tubbs, Tom Steyer and Paul Engler, visit 1021convention.org


Save the Supreme Court

Today the Senate began Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing to serve as the next Supreme Court justice. If confirmed, Brett Kavanaugh would turn our nation’s highest court into a weapon against working people by ruling based on politics or who has the most money and power.


Priya Mathur: Fighting for Workers on the CalPERS Board

“I have a record of fighting for workers and their benefits.  I want workers to be able to retire when they are ready to retire. I work extremely hard to think through every decision I make and review all sides,” said Priya Mathur, CalPERs Board Chair and BART employee. 


Sept. 8: The Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice March is coming to San Francisco

Join us as we march with the labor contingent in a national day of action to demand action and leadership from our elected leaders on climate, jobs, and justice. With our planet, livelihoods, and democracy under attack, labor’s message needs to be loud and clear.

Martha Hawthorne, retired SEIU 1021 Public Health RN says she will be marching on September 8, 2018. “I call on our local, state and national leaders to move away from fossil fuels NOW and to a just transition to renewable energy that protects workers and our communities.”


Providing Relief During the Mendocino Complex Fires

On July 27, Brian Klovski got a call from his boss that a mandatory evacuation was in place due to a massive wildfire, and it was spreading fast. “We train throughout the year to prepare for calls like that.  Within hours, we got to work to help evacuees displaced by the Mendocino Complex Fires with temporary shelter.”
Brian works for the Health and Human Services Department helping coordinate homeless services throughout the Mendocino County. During a countywide disaster, he leads the Mendocino County Care and Shelter Team. 

Call TO ACTION: Call 1-866-426-2631. Tell your senators to #SaveSCOTUS

Call TO ACTION: Call 1-866-426-2631. Tell your senators to #SaveSCOTUS

SEIU members are calling their US Senators to protest Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.  

“Working people know all too well how important the Supreme Court is to upholding key American values,” said SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. “In just the last few weeks it attacked the rights of working people in the Janus case and enshrined discrimination against immigrants by ruling in favor of the Muslim ban. Judge Kavanaugh is a narrow-minded elitist who would further rig our economy and democracy against working Americans.”