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Join SEIU 1021’s AFRAM Caucus today!

Joining SEIU 1021’s AFRAM is more than just signing up as a member. It’s a commitment to solidarity and empowerment.

AFRAM – the African American Solidarity Committee – stands at the forefront of advocating for social, economic, and political justice within our workplaces, communities, and union. By joining AFRAM, you become part of a vibrant network dedicated to enhancing opportunities through education, mentorship, and leadership development for members of African descent.

Union organizer Jane McAlevey

In memory of Jane McAlevey

Vice President of Organizing Brandon Dawkins reflects on the life and legacy of union organizer Jane McAlevey. Jane passed Sunday at her cabin in Muir Beach, CA. She was 59.

“Jane taught me that in politics and organizing, the future is radically unknown. Our national politics might creep closer to fascism, or we might fight for and win a progressive future. The national labor movement may continue to shrink, or we may realize SEIU President April Verrett’s vision of organizing a million workers over the next decade.


Oakland City Council passes budget without job cuts
Layoffs & service cuts are off the table for now, contingent on the sale of the Coliseum

The Oakland City Council voted in favor of the mayor’s budget proposal on Tuesday, July 2, saving SEIU 1021 members from any immediate threat of job cuts.

The days leading up to the vote grew contentious as city workers fought against proposed changes that would cut public services and jobs. They packed the council chambers alongside community allies and activists leading up to the vote and on the day of the vote, urging council members to stick with the initial plan to backfill a deficit with the sale of the Coliseum. 

Unionized Starbucks workers and their allies celebrating pride at a store in Antioch, CA

Unionized Starbucks workers celebrate Pride

Thursday, June 27, a dozen unionized baristas and cashiers celebrated Pride at the Starbucks on Davison Drive and Deer Valley Road in Antioch, CA.

“Working for a multi-billion dollar corporation, I unionized because we deserve to have a say when it comes to our pay and staffing levels,” said Jasper Fontaine, a shift supervisor. “We’re having a sip-in to celebrate Pride because many of us are queer, and we want to create a welcoming environment both to queer Starbucks partners and to queer Starbucks customers. The union is inclusive.”

SEIU 1021 members  confronting San Rafael city council

City of San Rafael members ratify union contract, making major strides to address public staffing crisis

On Thursday, June 27, SEIU 1021 members working for the City of San Rafael – including childcare providers, street maintenance workers, library staff, and administrative staff – voted by an overwhelming 97.1% to ratify a contract with the City. The new agreement makes major strides to address the staffing crisis that has been plaguing San Rafael’s children, families, and residents. 


Members protest proposed budget cuts to Oakland City services

Unions representing Oakland city employees united on Friday, June 28, to together protest a proposal that would address a historical budget deficit by slashing funding to critical services, including firefighters and police.

Members of SEIU 1021 and IFPTE Local 21 gathered in front of City Hall at Frank Ogawa Plaza in the afternoon, donning their union colors and holding up signs that read, “Chop from the top!” 


SEIU 1021 members celebrate Juneteenth at Vallejo Festival and Parade

On Saturday, June 15, SEIU 1021 members joined thousands of attendees at the Vallejo Juneteenth Festival & Parade held at the Barbara Kondylis Waterfront Green. The event, commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, featured a vibrant celebration of culture, history, and community spirit.


Dream, Organize, Fight,

2024 Member Convention
It’s that time again! SEIU 1021 members are invited to attend our 2024 member convention. The two-day event will feature inspiring workshops, delegate discussions, visionary keynote speakers, fun, and networking. 

What: SEIU Local 1021 Member Convention

When: Saturday, September 28 & Sunday, September 29

Where: Sacramento, CA 

As we reflect on our wins and face new fights head-on, we must come together to create a plan to champion even better workplaces, tighter communities, and a more robust economy in Northern California. SEIU 1021 members must continue to be leaders in that fight. The convention is a time to strategize, energize, and organize for the future.



New contracts for over 16,000 City & County of San Francisco workers ratified, eliminating risk of strike
Members of SEIU 1021 working for the City & County in dozens of classifications, including registered nurses and SFMTA parking control officers, voted by large supermajorities to ratify tentative agreements reached over the past two months


Contact: Jennie Smith-Camejo, jennie.smith-camejo@seiu1021.org, (510) 710-0201

The threat of a widespread San Francisco city worker strike is officially over: Large supermajorities of members of SEIU 1021, the union representing over 16,000 city workers, have voted to ratify agreements reached with the City and County across three collective bargaining units. 


2024 SEIU 1021 Convention
It’s that time again!

It’s that time again! SEIU 1021 members are invited to attend our 2024 member convention. The two-day event will feature inspiring workshops, delegate discussions, visionary keynote speakers, fun, and networking. 

What: SEIU Local 1021 Member Convention 2024

When: Saturday, September 28 & Sunday, September 29

Where: Sacramento, CA 

San Joaquin shop steward Louis Azevedo giving out a turkey

Region E gives out more than 350 turkeys during unity event

Rain couldn’t keep Region E members from coming together for their end-of-the-year unity event on Thursday, December December 21st – members gathered at the SEIU 1021 Stockton office to give out more than 350 turkeys to their fellow members.

Although the sky was dark and rainy, spirits were high.


SEIU 1021 Executive Board Statement Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza

Monday, November 6, the SEIU 1021 Executive Board held an urgent meeting after hearing concerns from dozens of members across Northern California about the need for the union to join labor unions and organizations around the world about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Executive Board members discussed the situation at length and decided to issue the following statement as a first step.


San Francisco 2024 Citywide Campaign Kickoff – Jan. 17
Join us at City Hall at noon on Jan. 17 to send a strong message that we are united for a great contract to address the City's biggest needs, including staffing & privatization

As we head into contract negotiations in 2024, we face pessimistic budget projections and corporations panhandling for more tax breaks that would further decimate funding for the vital public services we provide.

We need to join together in a show of force to tell City Hall we’ll fight for what the city and its workers need over corporate greed!

Please join us at noon on Jan. 17, 2024, at City Hall for a huge campaign kickoff rally with our City labor partners and allies.


Coffee tastes better when its unionized: Peet’s Coffee workers hold rally after winning first union vote in North America

After voting fourteen to one to become the first unionized Peet’s Coffee location in the United States, Peet’s Coffee workers, now members of the Service Employees International Union Local 1021, held a rally on Saturday, January 28, 2023, in front of the coffeehouse in North Davis. The vote comes after nearly nine months of workers organizing with SEIU Local 1021 and Workers United, an SEIU affiliate organizing workers on the “Starbucks Workers United” campaign.


Fast food workers secure $2.2 million in wage theft violations, vow to continue their fight back against corporate greed

While fast-food corporations like McDonald’s Corporation, Burger King Corporation, Jack in the Box, Inc., and others attempt to roll back the significant gains with the passage of 2022’s Assembly Bill 257 – the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, or the FAST Recovery Act for short, fast-food workers continue the fight for higher wages, safer workspaces, and a union.