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SEIU Workers Help Secure an Extension of Essential COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 152 to extend COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave to essential workers until December 31, 2022. COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave was previously set to expire on September 30 2022, leaving workers with only the state-mandated three paid sick days as the state faces the possibility of fall and winter surges of the highly transmissible virus. 


SEIU 1021 members urge Chico voters to say YES on Measure H

Right now, Chico’s retail tax generates less than half of what it costs to run the city. Chico’s population has grown by nearly 19% in the past 10 years, yet the City has 21 fewer city employees—meaning SEIU 1021 members are doing more with less to serve their community.

The City of Chico works hard to be fiscally responsible while maintaining essential city services. However in recent years, population growth, the Camp Fire, COVID-19, and state mandates have all stressed our City finances, and the City’s budget can’t keep pace.


Solano County workers demand Board of Supervisors “Staff Up” vital resources and services

Throughout the most recent string of Solano County Board of Supervisors meetings, Solano County workers have confronted the governing body to condemn the mismanagement of services and care that harm the county’s tax-paying residents. Along with the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) Local 21, the SEIU Local 1021 Solano County chapter made public comments during the past several Board of Supervisors meetings, highlighting the vital need to improve county services and care.


Fed-up Mendocino County workers hold pickets in Willits, Ukiah, and Fort Bragg to alert public to administration’s failures
As the San Francisco lawyers negotiating for the County rack up hundreds of thousands in fees, administration stubbornly refuses to address the staffing crisis decimating critical services for the county’s most vulnerable, demanding takeaways

The stench of hypocrisy is in the air, as Mendocino County administration claims it can do nothing to staunch the outflow of its workforce. Many of these workers are paid so far below market rates for stressful positions serving the county’s most vulnerable residents that they can earn more at burger joints. In fact, they are now demanding that their workers accept a 16 percent increase in healthcare costs in exchange for a mere two percent cost of living adjustment (COLA).


Signed, sealed, and delivered: San Joaquin County members approve game-changing contract

After months of contract negotiations, the SEIU Local 1021 San Joaquin County chapter did it. The new 2022 to 2026 contract is signed, sealed, and delivered: it’s ratified. Through eleven bargaining sessions, ongoing “Purple Wednesdays” worksite actions, and countless one-on-one discussions with SEIU Local 1021 San Joaquin County members across the chapter, the contract negotiations between San Joaquin County management and members for the 2022 to 2026 period have finished.

The contract was ratified, with ninety-seven percent voting in favor of ratification.


Felton Institute workers take their fight against union busting to City Hall

Felton Institute workers provide crucial social services to our most vulnerable community members. Years of short-staffing, lack of support, bullying, intimidation, and low pay for frontline staff have led to constant turnover and burnout—all of which impact client services. Meanwhile, Felton’s C-Suite executives report annual salaries over $200,000, with CEO Al Gilbert pocketing over $300,000.


FTC goes after Uber and Lyft for worker misclassification

Multinational ride-hailing and food-delivery corporations such as Uber and Lyft are facing the heat from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after the independent federal agency announced plans to crack down on the exploitation of gig workers, whom the agency said are entitled to protection regardless of their worker classification.


Article by the SEIU 1021 Climate Justice Committee
SEIU 1021 Climate Justice Committee celebrates passage and signing of landmark bills: Senate Bills 1314 and 1137

SEIU 1021 Climate Justice Committee celebrates passage and signing of landmark bills: Senate Bills 1314 and 1137

Great news! Two bills have been successfully passed through the California state legislature and have been signed by Governor Newsom to help make progress toward our union’s climate justice goals: Senate Bill 1314, which stops supporting further oil and gas extraction, and SB 1137, which creates new restrictions to protect communities from the pollution and dangers of fossil fuel drilling.


Meet Kristin Hardy, SEIU 1021’s new Vice President of San Francisco

At the end of August, SEIU 1021’s Executive Board appointed Kristin Hardy as the new Vice President of our union’s San Francisco region after Theresa Rutherford, the region’s previous VP, became our local’s President. So who is Kristin and what is her vision for the San Francisco region?


Running for the CalPERS Board of Administration, Yvonne Walker fights for pensions and retirement security

In the midst of a hotly-contested political season, there is a race for a vital position that may fly under the radar. Retired members, as of July 1, 2022, of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) have an opportunity to vote for their retired representative seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration. The 13-member CalPERS Board of Administration consists of officers who are elected, appointed, or hold office ex officio. The board of administration is responsible for the management and control of CalPERS.


It’s the final push for a FAST Recovery
Fast-food workers, SEIU Local 1021 members rally at state capital to demand California State Senate passes AB 257 - the FAST Recovery Act

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, hundreds of fast-food workers rallied at the state capital building in Sacramento and across the city at various fast-food restaurant locations, demanding that California state senators pass the FAST Recovery Act and for California Governor Gavin Newsom to sign it into law.


SEIU 1021 Shows Up to Support Sheng Thao for Oakland Mayor

Oakland is at a political crossroads, with long-time mayor Libby Schaaf not eligible to run again after serving two terms, and three City Council seats up for election in Districts 2, 4 and 6. District 4’s current representative Sheng Thao is running for Mayor, and she kicked off her campaign on Saturday with plenty of support from SEIU 1021.


SEIU Local 1021 President Joseph Bryant speaks about the fight for fast-food workers’ rights on national Our Revolution broadcast

If unionizing your workplace is anything, it is a revolutionary act that unites us across racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and class lines. Last week Our Revolution, the progressive political action organization spun out of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, hosted an organizing call titled Building Worker Power. SEIU Local 1021 President Joseph Bryant, speaking alongside fast-food workers, members of the Communications Workers of America, and U.S.


Clinic workers score big victory as SB 1014 clears state senate
The California state senate passed the bill to increase funding and workers' voice on the job after a successful lobby day SEIU 1021 members took part in

Last Monday, May 23, community clinic workers — including SEIU 1021 members, members of other locals, and unorganized workers from around the state — flooded Sacramento. They spoke with state lawmakers about the importance of community clinics, which care for one out of six Californians and provide both general and specialized care to vulnerable populations. They also shared how chronic underfunding, combined with the stresses of the pandemic, have led to burnout and short-staffing and have harmed patient care.