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Port of Oakland Custodians Speak Out About the Understaffing Making the Airport Unsafe for Passengers and Workers
“What do we want? We want to be safe! What do we want? We want YOU safe!”

On Wednesday, April 14, dozens of custodians at Oakland International Airport held an informational picket to call out chronic understaffing that is leaving crucial sanitation work undone and creating unsafe conditions. The custodians picketed and hung a banner over 880 to call attention to the issues they have been facing for more than a year.


SEIU 1021 classified members overwhelmingly vote to reject Sacramento City Unified School District’s health and safety proposal, request prompt return to the bargaining table

Results poured in on Saturday, April 10 as SEIU 1021 members overwhelmingly voted down the latest health and safety proposal from Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD). 92% of voters rejected the deal, giving the bargaining team the authority to call a strike if the necessary provisions to safely re-open SCUSD schools aren’t offered.


At Santa Clara University, adjuncts and lecturers join the increasing wave of working people seeking to join together in a union, in the face of administrative opposition

On Friday, April 9, at 2 p.m., adjuncts and lecturers at Santa Clara University, joined by their supporters, led a march and rally on campus to demand respect as well as a free and fair union election.

Since 2017, non-tenure track faculty at SCU have worked together to form their union with SEIU 1021. Workers are organizing to address the unstable working conditions, inadequate pay, and inequitable and non-transparent decision-making at the university. These efforts have met constant resistance from the university’s administration.

Justice for Healthcare Workers

Facing an unprecedented safety and staffing crisis, healthcare workers around Northern California fight back

Long before COVID-19, SEIU 1021 healthcare workers were there for vulnerable patients in our communities—often despite a lack of adequate staffing and other dangerous working conditions. Now that we’re a full year into the worst global health emergency in over a century, many of our healthcare members find themselves working through crisis-level conditions.


SEIU 1021 takes the lead in reimagining public safety by spearheading Oakland’s MACRO program and creating good, union jobs to respond to mental health emergencies

Public safety has many faces. To protect our community and improve conditions for our friends, family, and neighbors who are experiencing mental health issues, Oakland has taken a bold step by creating a new emergency response unit called the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO). This unit will be made up of civilians with medical and mental health training, and these civilians will be SEIU 1021 members.


Think Big. Act

4,709 work locations covered by SEIU 1021 contracts

60,000 workers represented by SEIU 1021 in Northern California

9,708 job classifications filled by SEIU 1021 members



North Coast News – April 2021
Check out what SEIU 1021 members are working on from Marin to Del Norte County!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new North Coast Newsletter! Each month, we’ll be collecting stories on the exciting and important work being done by SEIU 1021 members from Marin to Del Norte County and everywhere in between. In next month’s issue, we’ll be unveiling our brand new North Coast logo, which we’re excited to share with everyone in the region, too!

March 24th Was Equal Pay Day, the Day Women Catch Up with What Men Made in the Previous Year

March 24th Was Equal Pay Day, the Day Women Catch Up with What Men Made in the Previous Year

This past Wednesday, March 24th, was Equal Pay Day. Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the work that remains to advance equity and ensure that all Americans can reach their full potential. Equal Pay Day was established in 1996 by the National Committee on Pay Equity. This year marks the 25th year the occasion has been observed, but in 25 years, the pay gap Has shrunk by just eight cents. This day is symbolic of how far into this year women must work to catch up to what men made in the previous year. 


Is Union Power Coming Back to the National Labor Relations Board?

As workers in the public sector, we have to pay attention to politics. In elections, we have the opportunity to vote for our bosses, choosing the politicians who shape our working lives and fund the jobs we do.

Less than half an hour into Joe Biden’s term as president, he demanded that General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Peter Robb resign.  When Robb did not resign, Biden fired him, and followed it up the next day by letting go Alice Stock, who had been the Deputy General Counsel.

Maria Sabina stands in front of the McDonald's location she works at on Friday, January 15, 2021.

“We want COVID leave and better protection. We want to be respected as people.”
On Dr. King's Birthday, Fast Food Workers Went on Strike for Safe Working Conditions, a Federal $15 Minimum Wage, and a Union

January 15, 2021 – On the birthday of beloved Civil Rights pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., fast-food workers in Oakland and Sacramento California banned together with fast-food workers in 15 cities across the country to strike for safe working conditions, fight for a $15 federal minimum wage, and a union. 

SEIU 1021 President Joseph Bryant.

Fighting for Workers’ Rights in a New Political Era

On January 6, 2021, as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and news feeds began to flood with reports of unruly crowds and violence erupting at the nation’s Capitol, our President Joseph Bryant promptly shared a bold public statement written in real-time. Here is an excerpt of his powerful statement:

“We are witnessing an assault on our people, an assault on democracy, and an assault on our country. The racist, divisive lies fomented by President Trump have turned into a full-on coup attempt. This is not who we are.”