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Solano Courts workers vote overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract

Superior Court of Solano County workers have voted to ratify their most recent agreement, after securing a number of significant victories for members at the Court.

Included in the new contract are a 6% raise after ratification, followed by a 3% raise in November of 2022. Members also won vacation cash out language, new pay differentials for court reporters that could go as high as 10% depending on the workers’ certification status, and more. 

Solano Court worker Dreighton Palacios had this to say:

Suzanne Philis addresses a Hayward coalition rally in front of City Hall.

City of Hayward Workers Form a Bold Citywide Coalition and Win a Strong Contract for SEIU 1021 Members and Many Others

January 10, 2022: City of Hayward workers came into their latest contract campaign knowing things had to change. The City had allowed some workers to fall behind. In years past, management had even imposed onerous, unfair contract terms on its workforce—a move which was later reversed by a Public Employment Relations Board judge, but which showed clearly their lack of respect for and understanding of the City’s workers.


Holy Names University Adjuncts Secure Strong Tentative Agreement with 45% Raises
Members will vote on contract ratification later this month.

SEIU 1021 members who are adjunct faculty at Holy Names University (HNU) got some good news for the holidays late last month, when their bargaining team reached a strong tentative agreement with university administration after a year and a half of contract negotiations.

The tentative agreement (TA), which adjuncts will vote on later this month, includes 45% raises over the next two and a half years, including a 15% raise starting this month, as well as a host of other improvements adjuncts had identified as priorities for the new contract.


Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control District Workers Finally Win a Strong New Contract

The workers of Contra Costra County’s Mosquito and Vector Control District recently voted unanimously to ratify their hard-won new contract, bringing a long campaign to an end. The new three-year contract includes a 1.5% raise and $1,600 signing bonus in the first year, with raises in the second and third years based on the published Consumer Price Index, with a 1% minimum and 4% maximum, to keep these workers from falling behind. The unit’s seasonal aides also received an additional $3 per hour.


Fast-food workers to rally at capital building in support of AB 257 – The FAST Recovery Act

As members of the California State Assembly and the California State Senate return for the 2022 state legislative session, so will fast-food workers, union members, and grassroots activists. On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, supporters of Assembly Bill 257, the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act or FAST Recovery Act, will rally on the steps of the California State Capitol building.



We Mourn the Tragic Death of Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan

“Today I join our community in grieving a massive loss. Wilma Chan has passed away, taken from us far too soon. 

She spent her life in service to her community, as an Alameda County Supervisor and in the California State Assembly. She was a beacon for the Asian-American and Pacific Islander Community, as our state’s first Asian-American Assembly Majority Leader. She was a dedicated and tenacious advocate for healthcare, affordable housing, families, our elders, and our children.  


Caring about CalPERS: An interview with SEIU Local 1021 Retirement Security Committee Chair Cynthia Landry

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) manages pension and health care benefits for slightly over two million California public employees, retirees, and their families. Nearly one-third of CalPERS members are retirees receiving a monthly allowance from the pension and health care benefits system.

Cynthia Landry, the chair of the SEIU Local 1021 Retirement Security Committee, speaks about the importance of CalPERS, particularly on the diversity of its governing Board of Administration, and supporting labor:


Registration for the SEIU 1021 Virtual Convention for ALL members is now Closed!

Registration for All Members of 2021 Virtual Convention of SEIU 1021 ended on September 10.

The 2021 SEIU 1021 Convention is only weeks away, and we’ve been busy lining up dynamic speakers, engaging workshops, and an amazing program. Our convention platforms will focus on six key areas of our work: Economic Justice, Racial Justice, Climate Justice, Unions for All, Reclaiming Our Democracy, and Member Unity and Power. 


San Francisco Newsletter: August 2021

Welcome to the August issue of our monthly newsletter for SEIU 1021 members in San Francisco. You can read our July issue here, or keep reading below to see recaps of the big fights our members have taken on in the last month.


North Coast News – August 2021
Check out what SEIU 1021 members are working on from Marin to Del Norte County!

All over the North Coast region, members and chapter leaders have been taking our fights to the boss, advocating for better wages, safer working conditions, and increased benefit support from their employers.  

Keep reading to see what’s new up and down California’s North Coast this month for SEIU 1021 members.

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Say “NO” to the Recall! Volunteer today.
It's a Right-Wing Attack on Our Jobs and Our Communities

According to recent polling, if the election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom were held today, he would lose. Without a worker-friendly governor in office, our jobs would be in jeopardy, and our communities would be left with less of the support they need. 

Too many of our friends, co-workers, and family members aren’t taking this recall election seriously. You can help stand up for good, union jobs and services for our communities no matter where you live or work.