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Chabot Las Positas Community College District classified staff ratify strong contract by 99%
SEIU 1021 members will get a 16%+ raise over 3 years as well as new protections

SEIU 1021 members at Chabot Las Positas Community College District (CLPCCD) voted nearly unanimously last week to ratify a tentative agreement with no takeaways that not only addresses skyrocketing inflation but also provides protections for classified staff and improvements to working conditions.


SEIU 1021 members celebrate Oakland’s historic new mayor, Sheng Thao

Sheng Thao was inaugurated as Oakland’s mayor last week, and SEIU 1021 was on the scene. The former City Council member has been a familiar face at SEIU 1021 events including our recent holiday toy drive, and her term as mayor is an exciting moment for working people across the Bay Area and a tremendous opportunity for working people, with a pro-worker mayor of Oakland.


City of Berkeley workers are speaking up against understaffing

The City of Berkeley has, like most places, struggled with staffing throughout the pandemic. The need for core services provided by City workers and SEIU 1021 members has spiked, and pressing issues around working conditions, including telework options, adequate leave, and fair compensation, have made it difficult to fill the positions that fulfill those needs.


Gig workers continue the fight against the unconstitutional Proposition 22

In August 2021, the Alameda County Superior Court ruled that Proposition 22 violated the California Constitution. On December 13, the California Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the gig corporations’ appeal of that ruling. Out in force were hundreds of gig workers, community supporters, allies, coalition partners, and public officials supporting workers’ rights.



Fast food workers secure $2.2 million in wage theft violations, vow to continue their fight back against corporate greed

While fast-food corporations like McDonald’s Corporation, Burger King Corporation, Jack in the Box, Inc., and others attempt to roll back the significant gains with the passage of 2022’s Assembly Bill 257 – the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, or the FAST Recovery Act for short, fast-food workers continue the fight for higher wages, safer workspaces, and a union.


Relationships matter: SF VP Kristin Hardy on why our union gets active in politics

The midterm elections are right around the corner and SEIU 1021 members are fired up to talk to their friends, neighbors, and coworkers about the political candidates we are endorsing in this election. It is crucially important for our union to endorse and support candidates who are committed to the cause of working folks—it’s our opportunity to elect the people who approve our contracts, make decisions about funding our services, and set policies that dictate the future of our communities.


Rideshare and delivery drivers form the California Gig Workers Union

App-based drivers and delivery workers from across the Golden State announced the formation of a union Wednesday — the California Gig Workers Union (CGWU) — at a rally in front of Uber headquarters in San Francisco. 

Citing low wages and a lack of basic protections on the job, gig workers called on Uber and other tech giants to grant them employee protections and to recognize their right to join together in a union. Drivers marched to Lyft and DoorDash headquarters, too, holding similar rallies outside each.

Article by the SEIU 1021 Climate Justice Committee
SEIU 1021 Climate Justice Committee celebrates passage and signing of landmark bills: Senate Bills 1314 and 1137

SEIU 1021 Climate Justice Committee celebrates passage and signing of landmark bills: Senate Bills 1314 and 1137

Great news! Two bills have been successfully passed through the California state legislature and have been signed by Governor Newsom to help make progress toward our union’s climate justice goals: Senate Bill 1314, which stops supporting further oil and gas extraction, and SB 1137, which creates new restrictions to protect communities from the pollution and dangers of fossil fuel drilling.


Meet Kristin Hardy, SEIU 1021’s new Vice President of San Francisco

At the end of August, SEIU 1021’s Executive Board appointed Kristin Hardy as the new Vice President of our union’s San Francisco region after Theresa Rutherford, the region’s previous VP, became our local’s President. So who is Kristin and what is her vision for the San Francisco region?