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Make A Difference – Volunteer Now!

The election is now. Drop off your ballot ASAP, and help us talk to voters in battleground states!

Now is the time to volunteer and get the word out—there’s only 5 days left!

In places like Nevada, early voting numbers haven’t matched the same intensity we’re seeing in other battleground states.

Voters across California are turning out to vote in record numbers, but we can’t allow ourselves to become comfortable. We have to to everything in our power to deliver a democracy where everyone counts, without exceptions. 


After Historic Five-Day Unfair Labor Practice Strike by 3,000 Frontline Healthcare Workers, Alameda County’s Board of Supervisors Fires the Trustees Who Run the System
The Strike Was So Successful, the Bosses Got Fired

After a five-hour hearing on Tuesday, October 20, featuring statements from AHS management and many AHS workers, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted to demand the resignation of the current Alameda Health System Board of Trustees.

This is a huge step forward for the members’ fight for a fair contract and a public healthcare system that works for the community and its employees.


Historic Five Day ULP Strike Forces AHS Management to Back Down and Put Patients and Workers First

Healthcare workers at Alameda County’s safety-net hospital system, Alameda Health System, have been fighting for better patient care and safer conditions for workers for months. They have stood against the system’s mismanagement and underfunding and called for the removal of the unelected Board of Trustees and overmatched CEO Delvecchio Finley, so that the community can receive the healthcare it deserves and the workers don’t have to fight understaffing, constant PPE shortages, and layoffs that leave our whole community less safe.


“I’m afraid of what will happen to our patients if we don’t strike.”
More Than 3,000 Healthcare Workers Vote to Strike and Deliver 10-Day Notice of Unfair Labor Practice Strike to Alameda Health System

Healthcare workers united in SEIU 1021 announce an unfair labor practice strike, issuing 10-day notice to Alameda Health System on September 26, with a press conference at 1221 Oak St. in Oakland.

At issue are unfair labor practices, understaffing, health and safety issues for the patients and workers, and an unelected, unaccountable management team that is not providing adequate patient care for the community. 


Alameda Health System Members Say “Enough!” and Vote on Authorizing a Strike to Fix a Broken System and Protest Unfair Labor Practices

Alameda Health System is Alameda County’s safety-net public health system. It serves a mostly low-income community that is more than 70% Black and brown, and delivers more than 200,000 hours of patient care per year. As the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged our communities, with more than 20,000 cases and 350 tragic deaths in the county so far, the system has been stretched to the limit.


 Our 2020 Endorsements and Important Ballot Measures

This election is unlike any other. 1021 fights to make sure our voices are heard at the ballot box so that we can win on policies that benefit workers and our communities. This year, we have an added obligation to vote for candidates who will protect workers through a pandemic and for ballot measures that fund essential services through this economic crisis.

It is our duty as union members to stand up for our fellow workers and neighbors for workers’ justice. We do that by voting.


“This is an important bill”–Governor Newsom signs AB 736, Setting a Wage Floor for 20,000 Adjunct Faculty Members in California, Including More Than 500 SEIU 1021 Members

On Wednesday, September 9, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law AB 736, a bill that will now correctly classify adjunct faculty members as professional employees, making them exempt from state wage and hour laws. These adjunct faculty members will now be salaried employees, and their pay must be at least twice the state’s minimum wage for a 40-hour workweek.


Think Big. Act

4,709 work locations covered by SEIU 1021 contracts

60,000 workers represented by SEIU 1021 in Northern California

9,708 job classifications filled by SEIU 1021 members



SEIU 1021 members join SF teachers outside of the Bank of America building in support of Prop 15 and to demand that Trump stop funneling $11 million out of our communities each  year through property tax loopholes

Press coverage

48 Hills: Teachers, nurses, students rally for Prop. 15

SEIU 1021 members join SF teachers outside of the Bank of America building in support of Prop 15 and to demand that Trump stop funneling $11 million out of our communities each year through property tax loopholes


Making Our Voices Heard: Voting and Voting by Mail in 2020

This year has been a challenge for all of us. It being an election year on top of everything else may feel like an added burden, but it is actually an opportunity for working people to get ahead, an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.

Since voting by mail is safe and convenient, the governor has ordered that a ballot be mailed to every voter this year. This means that if you are registered to vote with your correct address, you will receive a ballot in the mail. It is easy to check your status online at registertovote.ca.gov/


Students, Alums, Staff, and Adjunct Faculty Rally at California College of the Arts to Protest Unfairness, Financial Mismanagement and Cuts to Student Services

More than a year ago, staff workers at California College of the Arts overwhelmingly voted to form a union. These roughly 150 workers provide a wide range of student services at the school, from clerical and IT work to library staffers and artists in the school’s studios. Since their ratification vote in April of 2019, these staffers have worked to bargain their first contract with CCA administration.


Internship for Leader Development

SEIU Local 1021’s Internship for Leader Development is looking for energetic and motivated members who are committed to working for social and racial justice, believe in the value of work, the democratic process, and the importance of public services. This program will train and mobilize members who want to unleash their leadership potential.