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Contra Costa County Takes Action to Combat Chronic Understaffing

Contra Costa County shop stewards Katrina Beverly, Vickey Dominguez, and Ashley Payne met with their coworkers regarding worksite issues. To discover that all were impacted by chronic understaffing. Chief Steward Ashley Payne sent a request for information and found that hundreds of positions were unfilled by the county.

Members leaped into action to organize their coworkers to attend three Board of Supervisors meetings to tell their stories about how understaffing lowers worker morale and hurts the services they provide to the community.


City of Oakland Workers Lead the Community’s Fight for a City Budget That Works for Everyone

City of Oakland workers led the community charge last night as hundreds of Oaklanders stormed Oakland’s City Council meeting to speak out in favor of good services for city residents. Previously, Mayor Libby Schaaf had proposed a budget that the community had roundly rejected for making parks dirtier and less safe by cutting Parks and Rec staffing, ignoring homelessness and the affordable housing crisis, and making city workers poorer while costs of living continue to skyrocket.


14,000 San Francisco Citywide Workers Approve Agreement

After more than five months campaigning for a fair contract and fighting for quality public services for San Francisco residents, 14,000 miscellaneous employees of the City and County of San Francisco voted to ratify a contract. The 3-year agreement includes historic raises, health and safety improvements, and increased staffing in various departments.


Solano County Community Stops Pollution-Generating Cement Factory

In 2017 South Vallejo residents learned that VMT/ORCEM was appealing the city’s Planning Commission’s decision to block the corporation’s construction of a cement factory on the waterfront. Because it impacted the communities we serve and live in, our members held a community forum at our Fairfield union hall to learn about the cement factory’s impact on public health and learned about the cement making process’ potential to pollute the air and the bay.


No Hate in Healthcare
Nurses Condemn U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Rule Enabling Discrimination in Healthcare Services

Today nurses, joined by community allies, gathered in front of SF General Hospital’s historic Ward 86—the first dedicated AIDS clinic in the country—to speak out against the Trump Administration’s “conscience in healthcare” rule. The rule allows healthcare providers, insurance companies, hospitals and pharmacies to refuse healthcare based on personal beliefs.


Public Budgets that Lift Up Public Programs and Working Families

As cities, counties, schools, and other public agencies finalize their budgets, workers who provide vital services are speaking out and ensuring that elected officials are prioritizing programs that put working families first.

At budget forums across city, Oakland workers are standing up to tell City Council members that homelessness, affordable housing, and cleaner, safer streets are priorities for everyone who lives and works in the city, and that these problems demand restored staffing and funding levels.


Think Big. Act

4,709 work locations covered by SEIU 1021 contracts

60,000 workers represented by SEIU 1021 in Northern California

9,708 job classifications filled by SEIU 1021 members



SFMTA Service Critical Workers Seek Safer Working Conditions

Following the ousting of the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency’s (SFMTA) director, hundreds of SFMTA workers protested in front of the embattled agency’s headquarters to call on administrators and SF’s Mayor Breed to fix issues and to select a candidate that comprehends frontline worker and rider concerns.


Protections for California Renters, Including Rent Control, Could Be A Reality 

Housing costs are skyrocketing, and many Californians want to make renter protections a reality. The majority of California’s 17 million renters do not have access to stable and affordable housing. Over half of California renters are rent-burdened, meaning they spend over 30 percent of their income on rent, and one-third of renters spend over 50 percent of their income on rent. 160,000 families appear in eviction court annually. 


We Are SEIU 1021 – Qing Yi Feng
San Francisco City Hall Custodial Assistant Supervisor

Each week we’ll feature every day heroes: SEIU 1021 members who care for our sick and elderly, educate our children, keep our cities moving, and ensure that courts work for everyone.

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“When I found out I would be working in City Hall after completing a custodial training program, I was really happy. I never thought I could work at a place like this—San Francisco City Hall.