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STRIKE UPDATE:  We’re Getting Close, and It’s Because of You!
Thanks to You, We Are Winning


Once again, you showed up and spoke out. You have kept on showing up to the picket lines morning after morning, even though you were exhausted and worried about how you were going to make rent. You came to the rally and made your voices heard, on stage, in the crowd, on the sidewalks, on social media, and to reporters and TV cameras. You shared your stories: the love and heart you put into the work you do. How hard it is to do your job–and how you wouldn’t want to do anything else–you just want basic dignity and respect at work.

We are happy to report that because of all your blood, sweat, and tears, we are finally making real progress at the bargaining table. We are getting close and we are cautiously optimistic that kids can be back at school and we can be back on the job Monday morning. We will be back in bargaining Saturday at 5pm.

As your bargaining team, we could not be prouder of each and every member who is making a huge sacrifice to fight for what’s right for our students, our community, our coworkers, our families, and ourselves. We know how difficult it is to give up a week’s pay, and how frustrating it is to have to go to these measures just to secure a living wage that will allow us to keep working for the District and recruit enough full-time staff for our workloads to be sustainable.

The Central Labor Council is coordinating a food assistance service for striking workers in need. If you have been showing up to the picket lines and rallies, signing in, and you need assistance with food, please fill out this form. We are coordinating the food assistance service with community partners and will be in touch very soon with distribution details.

Thank you for your continued trust, support, and solidarity. We value each and every one of you.

Your Bargaining Team

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