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SEIU 1021

Communities Protest Trump’s Racist “Public Charge” Rule

#OneNation, a coalition of unions and community groups, is organizing actions across the nation next Tuesday to protest the president’s racist ‘public charge’ rule, which cleared a procedural hurdle last week. The administration’s policy targets immigrants by dramatically expanding what is considered welfare to harm 26 million Americans, keeping them from accessing healthcare, food and housing assistance.  The impacts could also be felt across our members’ industries and employers from community clinics to counties. 


Speak Up. Stop the HATE!

On Oct. 10, the Trump administration issued its proposed “public charge” rule—a rule that forces immigrants to choose between the well-being of their family or having a future in America. Any rule that jeopardizes a person’s right to healthcare, nutrition, housing, and other basic, vital services working people and low-income immigrant families need to thrive—is against America’s values. 

It’s time to speak up and take a stand against this rule taking effect. Act Now!


Save the Supreme Court

Today the Senate began Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing to serve as the next Supreme Court justice. If confirmed, Brett Kavanaugh would turn our nation’s highest court into a weapon against working people by ruling based on politics or who has the most money and power.


Families Belong Together
Day of Action

Tuesday, June 26
Drop By Anytime Between
7:00 am – 7:00 pm

West County Detention Center
5555 Giant Hwy, Richmond, CA

The only ICE facility in the Bay Area is located within the West County Detention Facility in Richmond, CA. Operated by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, approximately 200 immigrants are detained there.


Take the Norma Rae Challenge

Having a union means having a voice and being treated with respect. It means having financial security and a chance at a middle class life. It means providing a home for our families, food on our tables and clothes for our children.

That’s why we’re asking all union members and their families to show that regardless of the Janus ruling, we’re sticking together. Our fight for economic and social justice will not be deterred.


NDNU Unites

We are concerned members of the Notre Dame de Namur University community, made up of faculty, students, alumni, and community allies. 


Join the Reserve Organizing Corps (ROC)

Through our Member Organizing Program, the Reserve Organizing Corps (ROC), SEIU 1021 active and retired members receive intensive training on how to engage, motivate and mobilize workers. Through the ROC, Member Organizers are prepared and deployed on local and statewide campaigns to support working people that want to form or strengthen unions.