SEIU 1021

Meet Our Officers


Roxanne Sanchez
Jan Schardt
Amos Eaton
Vice President of Organizing
Ramses Teon-Nichols
Vice President of Politics
Gary Jimenez
Vice President Region A
(North Central)
Sunny Santiago
Vice President Region B (North Coast)
Tom Popenuck
Vice President Region C (East Bay)
Yeon Park
Vice President Region D (San Francisco)
Joseph Bryant
Vice President Region E (Amador-Calaveras-SJC)
Marcus Williams
Vice President of Representation
Theresa Rutherford


Cities Industry Chair
Felipe Cuevas
Counties Industry Chair
Dan Jameyson
Courts Industry Chair
Jim Wise
Education Council Industry Chair
Karla Faucett
Healthcare Council Industry Chair
Dellfinia Hardy
Non-Profit Industry Chair
Eric Stern
Registered Nurses Industry Chair
Norlissa Cooper
Retiree Council Chair
Pete Albert
Retirement Security Committee Chair
Cynthia Landry
S.F. City/County Industry Chair
Janice Wong
Social & Economic Justice Committee Chair
Derrick Boutte
Special Districts Industry Chair
John Arantes

Area Representatives

Alameda County Area Representative
Gregory Correa
Alameda County Area Representative
Sandra Lewis
Alameda County Area Representative
Angel Valdez
Amador County Area Representative
Robert Taylor
Calaveras County Area Representative
Jessica Nila
Contra Costa County Area Representative
Sandra Wall
Marin County Area Representative
Monique Broussard
Sacramento County Area Representative
Mercedes Riggleman
SF City/County Area Representative
Evelyn Curiel
SF City/County Area Representative
Lorraine Bowser
SF City/County Area Representative
Al Fernandez

Shasta County Area Representative
Geneva Haines

Solano County Area Representative
Akbar Bibb
Sonoma County Area Representative
Mary Sandberg

Budget and Finance Committee

BFC – Region A (North Central)
Cristin Perez
BFC – Region D (San Francisco)
Julie Meyers
BFC – Region C (East Bay)
Tina Diep
BFC – Region C (East Bay)
Rhea Davis
BFC – Region E (Amador-Calaveras-SJC)
Peggy LaRossa
BFC – Region E (Amador-Calaveras-SJC)
Mary Duncan