SEIU 1021

November 3 Endorsements
Make A Difference--Volunteer Now!

Now, just like in every election year, we need to elect candidates and pass measures that will protect those vital services and honor our work. But this year, the stakes are higher than they have ever been. 

We understand the importance of winning the economic, racial, environmental, and immigrant justice that we all deserve. That is why we participate in the political process by volunteering and voting for these endorsements to help elect candidates and pass measures that bring us closer to that goal.

Make a difference: Volunteer Now!

It is Election Day! Volunteer to get the vote out locally, and in the battleground state of Nevada– where early voting numbers are lower than expected.

We are asking members to participate in phone banking and other outreach initiatives to help us elect candidates who will fight for us and pass measures that will benefit working families.

 Text and Call Voters

Sign up and volunteer now to help get out the vote locally! Visit SEIU1021.org/Volunteer for more information.

  • Click the links below to see what candidates and measures SEIU 1021 members have endorsed for the November 2020 elections (NOTE: if you see a “read more” message below the links, you’ll need to click that in order for the navigation to function):