Solano County

SEIU 1021

Solano County Community Stops Pollution-Generating Cement Factory

In 2017 South Vallejo residents learned that VMT/ORCEM was appealing the city’s Planning Commission’s decision to block the corporation’s construction of a cement factory on the waterfront. Because it impacted the communities we serve and live in, our members held a community forum at our Fairfield union hall to learn about the cement factory’s impact on public health and learned about the cement making process’ potential to pollute the air and the bay.


SEIU 1021/SOLANO COUNTY CHAPTER Notice of Officer Elections

It is time again, for us to elect new Chapter Officers. Below you will find the list of Officers positions as well as the details of the election process. If you have any questions about the process, please ask the Election Committee or refer to the Solano County Chapter Bylaws pdf link below. The Election Committee Members are: Elizabeth Harrison, Janice Allen & Carmen Cruz Bradshaw.

Chapter Officers


Vice President

Chief Steward

COPE Coordinator


2 Members At Large


Tomorrow Is Election Day

 “We have to step up as voters and cast a vote for someone that will support the work we do in our community. And this is that election. said Akbar Bibb, who has been a Solano County social worker for 24 years.