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Celebrating political wins and historical milestones in SEIU 1021 Region A

SEIU 1021 is thrilled to announce a series of significant political victories across Napa and Solano Counties in Region A this primary season.

In Napa County, our endorsed candidates triumphed in crucial Board of Supervisors races, resulting in a historic milestone. The Napa County Board of Supervisors will become the first all-women board in the board’s 174-year history, with Amber Manfree securing the Napa BOS D4 seat, Liz Alessio retaining her position in Napa BOS D2, and Belia Ramos emerging victorious in Napa BOS D5.


SEIU 1021 members in Solano and Napa Counties get out the vote

In the 2024 primary election, SEIU 1021 is strongly supporting pro-labor candidates for the Napa and Solano County Board of Supervisors.

The endorsed candidates include Amber Manfree, Liz Alessio, and Belia Ramos for Napa County and Cassandra James for Solano County, all committed to being powerful voices for workers and their communities.


Despite book bans, SEIU 1021 member and Solano County librarian is highlighting the JOY of reading

Mychal Threets, a passionate librarian and proud member of SEIU 1021, is causing ripples of positive change in Solano County through his impactful social media presence.

At the Fairfield Civic Center Library, Mychal has become a vocal advocate for the accessibility of books and the crucial role libraries play in communities. His compelling message transcends age barriers, urging both children and adults to embrace the world of literature by signing up for library cards and actively supporting libraries as indispensable community services.


Napa and Solano unity events were a spectacular celebration of solidarity and camaraderie

SEIU 1021 Napa and Solano unity events were a spectacular celebration of solidarity and camaraderie. The evenings were filled with dancing, refreshments, raffles, dinner, and dessert.

The events were honored with the presence of local elected officials and influential labor leaders. As SEIU 1021 members came together, the unity events became not only a celebration but a powerful reaffirmation of collective strength and shared goals within the Napa and Solano communities.


Solano County Health & Social Services members rally for SB 525 and score a victory
SB 525 passed the Senate appropriations committee!

Essential healthcare and behavior health workers – from hospital janitorial staff to security officers, medical assistants, resident physicians, and nursing home caregivers – from Solano County Health & Social Services rallied last Thursday, May 18, in support of legislation that is essential to fixing California’s patient care crisis. Senate Bill 525 by Senator Maria Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) would help California address the field’s staffing crisis by establishing the nation’s first $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers.  


Solano County workers win strong new agreement to staff up county services and invest in workers

On Wednesday, October 19, hundreds of Solano County workers rallied outside the Solano County Government Center to denounce the county administration’s mismanagement of services, highlighting the need for improvements. It was the latest in a series of escalating actions by County workers, who gave speeches on how understaffing of vital worksites on the last day of their contract. Solano County workers have demanded all along that county management show that they value workers’ contributions to this community’s well-being, safety, and future.


Solano County workers demand Board of Supervisors “Staff Up” vital resources and services

Throughout the most recent string of Solano County Board of Supervisors meetings, Solano County workers have confronted the governing body to condemn the mismanagement of services and care that harm the county’s tax-paying residents. Along with the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) Local 21, the SEIU Local 1021 Solano County chapter made public comments during the past several Board of Supervisors meetings, highlighting the vital need to improve county services and care.


Solano County kicks off “Staff Up Solano” campaign with a strong silent action at the latest negotiations meeting

Public-sector workers across Northern California are facing staffing and retention issues, which in turn are impacting the important services they provide. Now, in partnership with IFPTE 21, our members in Solano County are calling attention to the ways that understaffing hurts us all, and in particular the most vulnerable members of our communities.


Dangerous Double Standard: Solano County Administration Denies County Workers’ Request to Expand Telework Policy During COVID Surge, While Board of Supervisors Voted Unanimously to Work from Home

Amid the biggest COVID surge yet, Solano County workers asked Dr. Bela T. Matyas, the Health Officer/Deputy Director, to expand the county’s work-from-home policy from 2 days to 4 days in an effort to reduce exposure to the public and their coworkers–and they were denied. So, county workers were surprised and troubled to find out that the Board of Supervisors were adopting a resolution for themselves to physically distance and work from home.


Solano County Community Stops Pollution-Generating Cement Factory

In 2017 South Vallejo residents learned that VMT/ORCEM was appealing the city’s Planning Commission’s decision to block the corporation’s construction of a cement factory on the waterfront. Because it impacted the communities we serve and live in, our members held a community forum at our Fairfield union hall to learn about the cement factory’s impact on public health and learned about the cement making process’ potential to pollute the air and the bay.


SEIU 1021/SOLANO COUNTY CHAPTER Notice of Officer Elections

It is time again, for us to elect new Chapter Officers. Below you will find the list of Officers positions as well as the details of the election process. If you have any questions about the process, please ask the Election Committee or refer to the Solano County Chapter Bylaws pdf link below. The Election Committee Members are: Elizabeth Harrison, Janice Allen & Carmen Cruz Bradshaw.

Chapter Officers


Vice President

Chief Steward

COPE Coordinator


2 Members At Large


Tomorrow Is Election Day

 “We have to step up as voters and cast a vote for someone that will support the work we do in our community. And this is that election. said Akbar Bibb, who has been a Solano County social worker for 24 years.