SEIU 1021

Celebrating political wins and historical milestones in SEIU 1021 Region A


SEIU 1021 is thrilled to announce a series of significant political victories across Napa and Solano Counties in Region A this primary season.

In Napa County, our endorsed candidates triumphed in crucial Board of Supervisors races, resulting in a historic milestone. The Napa County Board of Supervisors will become the first all-women board in the board’s 174-year history, with Amber Manfree securing the Napa BOS D4 seat, Liz Alessio retaining her position in Napa BOS D2, and Belia Ramos emerging victorious in Napa BOS D5.

In Solano County, SEIU 1021 proudly endorsed Cassandra James, who won the Solano BOS D1 seat in Vallejo.

SEIU 1021 also endorsed Dr. Flojaune Cofer for Sacramento Mayor, who has emerged as the front-runner out of the top four mayoral candidates! As of Tuesday, March 19, Dr. Flo will likely be moving forward with a spot on the runoff ballot in the November election, marking another significant achievement for our endorsed candidates in the region.

These wins signify a tremendous step forward for our union’s ongoing commitment to champion workers’ rights, representation, and community interests reflected in local government. The “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) efforts of SEIU 1021 regional volunteers played a crucial role in these notable successes.

“I am immensely proud of the significant political wins achieved by SEIU 1021 members. These victories underscore the crucial role our union plays in shaping local governance and supporting the interests of working families in our members’ communities. As we celebrate these successes, we reaffirm our commitment to fighting for fair wages, better working conditions, and social justice for all members across our region,” said Akbar Bibb, Vice President, Region A (North Central).

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all successful candidates and look forward to collaborating with them to achieve a more equitable and prosperous future in our region!