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City of Hayward Workers Form a Bold Citywide Coalition and Win a Strong Contract for SEIU 1021 Members and Many Others

Suzanne Philis addresses a Hayward coalition rally in front of City Hall.

January 10, 2022: City of Hayward workers came into their latest contract campaign knowing things had to change. The City had allowed some workers to fall behind. In years past, management had even imposed onerous, unfair contract terms on its workforce—a move which was later reversed by a Public Employment Relations Board judge, but which showed clearly their lack of respect for and understanding of the City’s workers.


“History was made today”: A Historic Coalition Helps Working People in Hayward Speak Up for a Fair Contract and Services for the Whole Community

Suzanne Philis addresses the coalition rally in front of City Hall.

Hayward City workers have had enough of City leaders slow-playing contract negotiations and refusing to invest in services for the community, and are fighting back–together. A coalition has brought workers from SEIU 1021, IFPTE Local 21, and HAME (Hayward Association of Management Employees) together to tell the City that these are the workers who make Hayward work, and they deserve better.


Join a Coalition of Working People to Celebrate City of Hayward Workers

This Thursday, August 19, from 5:30 to 8:30, SEIU 1021 members in coalition with IFPTE Local 21 and Hayward Association of Management Employees (HAME) workers will join the City’s downtown party to celebrate the work they do and show the city that it’s time to honor that work and the workers who do it.


Wear Your Purple Wednesday, June 30 To Support Your Bargaining Team
Bargaining Update for June 22, 2021

Dear Co-Workers:

We are actively negotiating on your behalf as your elected Bargaining Team. We held a very telling session with the City last week.

Currently, we have reached 6 tentative agreements (these will be voted on by all full members in order to become final) with the City. There have been more than 30 proposals shared at the table.


Bargaining Update for May 28, 2021

Help Us Show Our Unity by Wearing Your Purple Every Wednesday

Dear Co-Workers:

We are actively negotiating on your behalf as your elected Bargaining Team. We have held a few productive sessions with the City and look forward to sharing with you regular, pertinent updates and information about the progress at the table.


City of Hayward Maintenance Chapter Bargaining Team Election Notice
Governed by SEIU Local 1021 Chapter Bylaws Template

SEIU Local 1021 City of Hayward Maintenance Chapter


Governed by SEIU Local 1021 Chapter Bylaws Template

Bargaining Team Election

Per SEIU 1021 City of Hayward Bylaws and Past Practices, notice was given of an election for the Bargaining Team for upcoming contract negotiations to be held the week of February 22nd. Due to unforeseeable concerns, we have scheduled an on-site election!


City of Hayward And SEIU Local 1021 Reach Settlement to Repay City Employees After 2014-15 Contract Imposition

The City of Hayward and Service Employees International Union Local 1021 jointly announce an agreement to settle a dispute over negotiating practices stemming from when the City imposed employment contract terms in February 2014.

The City and SEIU Local 1021 believe the settlement to be in the best interest of the parties and the Hayward community, and that it reflects a spirit of mutual good will and significantly improved labor-management relations.  As part of the agreement, the City admits no fault.


Hayward Workers Reach $2 Million Settlement with the City

In 2014, the City of Hayward claimed contract negotiations had broken down, and unilaterally imposed a contract on its employees. Workers united in SEIU 1021 never stopped fighting this unfair, one-way decision, and took the case all the way to PERB, the Public Employment Relations Board.

Because of this ongoing, determined effort, the City has settled, agreeing to pay back, with interest, all SEIU 1021 employees of the City of Hayward who lost wages and benefits during the contract imposition period (from February 2, 2014 to June 30, 2015). 


City of Hayward Members Fight for—and Win—a New Contract

After several months of contract negotiations and high-visibility actions, Hayward workers have approved a new contract. The three-year agreement includes raises, in addition to other gains that would help workers continue to live and work in Hayward.

“By standing together, we let the City know that everyone who works for the City of Hayward deserves respect and a fair contract. We demanded it, and we got it,” said Clerical Chapter Acting President Felicia Sandoval.


President Statement Regarding Tonight’s Hayward City Council Hearing To Impose A 5% Cut On Workers

Join Hayward workers in protest against imposition TONIGHT! Tuesday, Feb. 18, 5:30 PM @777 B St., Hayward, 94541

Statement from SEIU Local 1021 President Roxanne Sanchez:

Today, the Hayward City Council is holding a hearing to impose their own terms and conditions on Hayward’s city workers. The Alameda County Democratic Party, the Alameda Central Labor Council, members of the community and their own employees — all have urged them not to do so.


Hayward City Workers Donate 280 Toys to Children in Low-Income Families

HAYWARD, CA — City Workers who have lost 17% of their incomes due to imposition earlier this year donated 280 toys at Hayward’s City Council meeting Tuesday night — one toy on behalf of each SEIU 1021 member that works for the city.

The toys are being donated in the name of Doris Rodriquez, a former Hayward City Councilmember, who passed away this week.

“Doris worked tirelessly on behalf of working families and improving the lives of children of Hayward,” said Gil Hesia, President of SEIU Local 1021’s Maintenance Chapter for Hayward.


City of Hayward Chapter Welcomes New President and Vice-President and Prepares to Bargain a Fair Contract

On Monday, January 22, the City of Hayward chapter of SEIU 1021 welcomed two new officers to the Maintenance unit: President Gilbert Hesia, a Senior Utility Leader, and Alvin Ahquin, an Equipment Operator.

Both spoke to members at the lunchtime meeting, stressing the importance of solidarity and supporting the Bargaining Team as contract negotiations begin with the City.

As we prepare to bargain for a good contract, it is very important for every member to make sure their contact information is up to date.


City of Hayward Workers Speak Truth to Power

This evening City of Hayward workers spoke before City Council to demand that Hayward Administrators restore cuts made to workers’ pay and benefits. Hayward Administrators are refusing to restore the cuts that were made three years ago, even after a judge found their actions to be illegal.

“A 17% cut in take-home pay forced people to retire from jobs that they loved,’” said Gil Hesia, Senior Utility Leader and President of City of Hayward Maintenance Chapter. “Bargain with your workers fairly.”