SEIU 1021

City of Hayward And SEIU Local 1021 Reach Settlement to Repay City Employees After 2014-15 Contract Imposition


The City of Hayward and Service Employees International Union Local 1021 jointly announce an agreement to settle a dispute over negotiating practices stemming from when the City imposed employment contract terms in February 2014.

The City and SEIU Local 1021 believe the settlement to be in the best interest of the parties and the Hayward community, and that it reflects a spirit of mutual good will and significantly improved labor-management relations.  As part of the agreement, the City admits no fault.

Per the settlement agreement, the City will repay City employees approximately $2 million for lost benefits and compensation during the period of February 2014 through June 2015, when the City unilaterally imposed changed terms of employment on those employees.

The agreement resolves an outstanding Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) case between the parties in which an administrative judge issued a proposed decision in favor of SEIU 1021, and the City filed an appeal, and the matter was on the schedule to be heard by the full PERB Board.  With the settlement, both sides have withdrawn the pending cases. 

The agreement was ratified by SEIU Local 1021 members on Nov. 15 and approved by the City Council in closed session on Nov. 27.

“I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this equitable resolution,” said City Manager Kelly McAdoo.  “It was really important to me to resolve this matter.  Our employees provide outstanding essential services to the Hayward community.  Resolution of this matter helps us to repair the relationship with our employees, so that we can continue to provide outstanding services in a healthy and safe work environment.”    

“Getting to this settlement required a long process, but our members never wavered in their demand for fairness, and we are proud that they will finally recoup their losses,” said SEIU Local 1021 Executive Director John Stead-Mendez.  “This agreement represents a commitment to our members, the City workers, that the City will be a fair employer that will bargain in good faith going forward, and it is a powerful message to the people of Hayward that the City stands for delivering the services they deserve.”