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SFUSD T-shirt Time

As we prepare to take more actions to secure the contract we need and deserve and to force the district to end the payroll nightmare, we want to show our solidarity by wearing our union T-shirts. 

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SFUSD classified staff rally at school board, demand urgent action to address ongoing payroll debacle and staffing crisis
Over 150 SEIU 1021 SFUSD members turned out to last Tuesday's school board meeting demanding urgent action

There is a term to describe when an employer does not pay its employees what it owes them for work performed: wage theft. For over a year now, since rolling out its boondoggle of a new payroll system, San Francisco Unified School District has been committing wage theft. Despite claims from its new superintendent that a new “command center” would make sure shortchanged employees are made whole, that has not materialized, as help tickets continue to go unanswered, calls go unreturned, and desperate employees who go in person are turned away.


RSVP for Jan. 18 SFUSD Chapter Contract Action Team Meeting

Calling all SEIU 1021 SFUSD members! 

If you care about winning a great contract that will improve our working conditions and get us through this period of record inflation, please attend our first Contract Action Team (CAT) meeting next Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 6 PM at the SEIU 1021 union hall. 

At this critical meeting, we will:


SFUSD Educators & Staff to Hold a “Spirited” Rally in Costume to Protest the Ongoing Payroll Nightmare
They are joining with students and families for a Halloween action outside the October 25 school board to call attention to the never-ending payroll and benefits issues


Contact: Jennie Smith-Camejo, (510) 710-0201,

SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Heading into Halloween, SFUSD teachers, classified staff, students, and families will be putting on costumes and lining up to haunt the school board–after calling the public’s attention to the 10-month nightmare that the EMPowerSF payroll system has caused at a spirited rally before the meeting.


SFUSD members protest persistent payroll problems at school board
Ongoing unresolved problems with SFUSD’s $16.5M+ payroll system EMPowerSF have pushed classified staff to the breaking point–and they made sure the school board got their message.

Keeping public schools running is never an easy job. But for San Francisco Unified School District’s lowest-paid employees, who do everything from keep schools clean to make sure kids get hot meals every day, short paychecks and improperly canceled benefits are making the job unnecessarily stressful–and harming their ability to keep their own families housed, fed, and healthy. 


SFUSD classified staff speak out about broken payroll system
Retirement payments, insurance, overtime, and more continue to be impacted by a faulty system and short-staffing

Pension funds not being deposited into employees’ accounts, forcing some to delay retirement. 401(k) contributions being deducted from paychecks but not deposited into 401(k) accounts. Insurance premiums being deducted from paychecks but not paid to the insurance companies, so that policies are being canceled or are refusing to accept claims without payment. Approved leave not being paid. Overtime not being paid. New hires not receiving their benefits when they reach the date they should. Teachers not getting paid for months.


The SFUSD Board of Education Rafities the Tentative Agreements Between the Unions of SFUSD and the School District

In a special meeting on Tuesday, February 23, the SFUSD Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the tentative agreements between the school district and SEIU 1021, IFPTE Local 21, and IUOE Local 39 for safely returning to in-person learning. This moment marks a momentous gain in the movement to safely reopen schools for students and workers in SFUSD and lays the groundwork for similar agreements that are sure to come in other school districts across the Bay Area.