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SEIU 1021

Do You Feel Underpaid?

SEIU Local 1021 will be hosting two workshops on how to fight for “equity adjustments,” which are wage increases for specific classifications that can be shown to be underpaid compared to similar job classifications with similar employers.


While We Fight to Solve the Recruitment and Retention Crisis, The County Proposes We Pay More for Healthcare
& Wants a Hard Cap on Vacation Time for All of Us

We’ve been more than clear with management so far: our workforce is suffering as our headcount dwindles and our workload goes through the roof.

So far, management’s only substantive responses have been to propose takeaways and concessions:


Bargaining Surveys Are Out!
Fill Yours Out ASAP on Paper or Online

The elected Bargaining Team has met three times. They have received a financial proposal from the County at one meeting, and have met twice together to review information and contracts. As they start to draft proposals, they need to hear from you.

That’s why you need to fill out your bargaining survey as soon as you can! You can get a paper copy from your Bargaining Team member or field representative, or you can fill it out online at:


SEIU 1021 members in Alameda County win hero pay for county workers

After months of negotiations and member actions including rallies, purpling up on Tuesdays, sharing their stories with members of the board of supervisors, and more, SEIU 1021 members have signed an agreement with Alameda County to receive a one-time payment of $1,500 for county workers. 


We WON Our Hero Pay!

Because of the solidarity of our members, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors has agreed to pay SEIU Local 1021 members of the Alameda County General Chapter, SSA Chapter, and BHCS Chapter a $1,500 hero pay bonus.

To receive the bonus pay, we will need to fill out a self-attestation form (so the County can attribute the payments correctly) between August 4 and August 20, and we expect payments to be issued September 30.

The County is putting together a set of frequently asked questions.

Questions? Ask your representative or elected chapter officer!


Notification of Nominations for Alameda County Bargaining Team

Greetings from the 2022 Alameda County Bargaining Team Election Committee!  We are pleased to announce the nomination period for our 2022 Alameda County Bargaining Team begins May 6th and will run for 30 days until June 5th.  This nomination process marks the commencement steps for negotiations, where members will nominate other members or themselves into positions to represent them at the bargaining table.