SEIU 1021

While We Fight to Solve the Recruitment and Retention Crisis, The County Proposes We Pay More for Healthcare
& Wants a Hard Cap on Vacation Time for All of Us


We’ve been more than clear with management so far: our workforce is suffering as our headcount dwindles and our workload goes through the roof.

So far, management’s only substantive responses have been to propose takeaways and concessions:

  1. Increase our contributions to healthcare from 12% to 15% even though we just went from 10% to 12% in January!
  2. Move everybody to the vacation “hard cap”, when most of us struggle to get our vacations scheduled anyway, because we’re so understaffed

Union representatives, bargaining team and Contract Action Team (CAT) members will be visiting worksites with stickers you can wear and placards to display so that management will know: we’re united and we won’t be going backwards!

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