SEIU 1021

Our Bargaining Team Election Results Are In


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Alameda County Bargaining Team elections! We had a close race, with two races ending in a tie. Your union is working to resolve the tie results.

The full bargaining team is comprised of the three Chapter Presidents, the nominees who were not contested, and elected members. There are two bargaining team seats that resulted in a tie vote, and we’ll be announcing the resolution of these seats as soon as we can. Our first meeting with management will be July 27, so don’t forget to purple up and show the team your support! Strong contracts are won by members who stick together and stay unified.

Bargaining Unit #3 (2 seats)

  • Aileen Haxo (uncontested)
  • Mike Ranga (uncontested)

Bargaining Unit #4 (2 seats)

  1. Elizabeth Arias (uncontested)
  2. Willie Norris (uncontested)

Bargaining Unit #5 (3 seats)

  • Thema Page (Chapter President)
  • Cynthia Landry (elected)
  • Marya Wright (elected)

Bargaining Unit #6 (2 seats)

  • Lorelei Self (elected)
  • William Wells (elected)

Bargaining Unit #7 (2 seats)

  • Roberta Gambetti (uncontested)
  • Andrea Moses (uncontested)

Bargaining Unit #8 (2 seats)

  • Augustine de Villa (uncontested)
  • Bridget Mooney (uncontested)

Bargaining Unit #10 (3 seats)

  • Tina Tapia (Chapter President)
  • Cara Williams (Chapter President)
  • Dawn Moore (elected)

Bargaining Unit #11 (2 seats)

  • Noelle Cruz (elected)
  • David Crosby/Rebecca Richardson (tied)

Bargaining Unit #12 (2 seats)

  • Monique Chaney-Williams (elected)
  • Shirley Goodloe/Antonio Loera, Jr. (tied)