SEIU 1021

Speak Up. Stop the HATE!


On Oct. 10, the Trump administration issued its proposed “public charge” rule—a rule that forces immigrants to choose between the well-being of their family or having a future in America. Any rule that jeopardizes a person’s right to healthcare, nutrition, housing, and other basic, vital services working people and low-income immigrant families need to thrive—is against America’s values. 

It’s time to speak up and take a stand against this rule taking effect. Act Now!

This rule is bad for America and will hurt everyone. If you think this won’t affect you; you’re wrong. Communities across the country are in danger when people fear getting immunizations, go hungry, or lose their housing—we are all affected. That’s why the administration needs to hear from you.

Share your stories on how health, nutrition, and housing programs have helped you, your family, or people you know.

The administration needs to hear how this rule will hurt our family, friends, coworkers, and communities. It’s easy to write a short comment—and the impact of your comment is so important. Will you #TakeCharge? 

Learn more about the proposed Public Charge rule.