SEIU 1021

Expand Early Childhood Education in Oakland
Vote, Volunteer to Show Your Support for Measure AA. Three Ways To Act Now!


The reality is Oakland simply does not provide all children a good head start. Over half of Oakland’s kindergartners do NOT arrive to school fully ready to learn, and this lack of quality care disproportionately impacts black, brown, and low-income children.

Too many Oakland families remain on waiting lists to access quality child care and preschool they can afford, and out-of-pocket child care now costs as much as a college education. Added to Oakland’s rising housing costs, families who are increasingly finding it difficult to afford to raise families here and are being pushed out of our area.

Early childhood educators face this same struggle. The pay is $15 per hour and they cannot provide for our families. As a result, child care staff turnover is four times the rate that K-12 teachers experience. This turnover disrupts the teams they work side-by-side with, and more importantly, impacts the children who have bonded with those teachers.

The solution is simple: vote YES on Measure AA on November 6th to support Oakland’s future. Measure AA will:

  • Expand access to quality preschool ·
  • Invest in higher wages and professional development for early education staff. ·
  • Attract and retain qualified, experienced early childhood educators and increase opportunity for all families in our city’s early education and care services.

Join Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, SEIU 1021 and others who support this measure! Together we will be closer to building the early education & care system that our families, children, and child care providers need and deserve.

Three Ways To Act Now!

1. Every vote matters, so join me in pledging to support Measure AA. Show your support NOW. 
2. Volunteer to connect with Oakland voters. There is an urgent need to make sure voters know about this measure and vote yes on Election Day. 

WHERE: 2044 Franklin St. in downtown Oakland near BART & there’s parking available.


  • Canvass Dates (times are 10-1): Saturday  & Sunday, 11/3  & 11/4 
  • Phone banking (times are 6-8): Monday & Tuesday, 11/5 & 11/6

3. Talk to your coworkers about Measure AA.  Get the facts here.