Regional Center – East Bay

SEIU 1021

May 21, 2019 – Meeting Notes

SEIU 1021 RCEB Chapter
May 21st 2019
100 Oak St, Oakland

Attending: Dana Palius, Alisha Erskine, Jeff Dix, Michael Conti, Brian Leung,
Julio Corral, Maria DeSantis, Shanell Fontenot, Gwynneth Dunne, Eric Stem

I. Quorum: Verified
A. Time keeper: Alisha
B. Saudia Resignation Letter. Jeff will send out an email to recruit a replacement Concord steward.
C. Review previous meeting minutes. Eric will provide next time.
D. Reviewed and approved minutes

II. Standing items:
A. Treasurer's Report deferred


April 16th 2019 – Meeting Notes

SEIU 1021 RCEB Chapter
April 16th 2019
100 Oak St, Oakland

Attending: Jeff Dix President, Michael Conti VP, Eric Stem Secretary, Brian Leung, Jacqueline
Brambila, Gwynneth Dunne, Eileen Florendo, Alisha Erskine, Dana Palius, Frankie Moore.


I. Quorum: established,
A. Time keeper
B. Review and approved 3/12/19 Eboard minutes.
C. Review and add on items to today’s agenda