SEIU 1021

Regional Center of the East Bay members win a new four year contract 


On Friday, December 13 SEIU 1021 members at the Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) ratified a new four-year agreement. 

“At RCEB, we try to start early preparing for a full contract, encouraging members to create contract study groups around areas of their interest to develop bargaining proposals. This year we had members working on expanding work hours, increasing flexibility of work schedules, expanding work at home/telecommute, increasing agency offset to dependent medical care costs, and salary increases.  

This was a very dedicated, sincere, and committed bargaining team with a new field rep. Our Chapter President made this process as open and transparent as possible to our members. Our members really got behind us, purpling up, letting management know they were serious about money and contract improvements.  We worked hard for our members who ratified the best contract improvements I’ve seen since starting to sit at this bargaining table in 2007,”
 said Eric Stern, a Case Manager II and member of the RCEB bargaining team.

These nonprofit workers serve East Bay residents of all ages who are living with developmental disabilities. Because of the dedicated support of SEIU 1021 members, children, adults, and families who are impacted by developmental disabilities are able to maintain some level of self-sufficiency and participate more fully in their communities.