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Making a Difference: Mendocino Members Speak Up and Prevent COVID-19 Vaccines from Going to Waste

SEIU 1021 Mendocino County workers rally for an economy that works for everyone.

When a freezer that was used to store the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at a Northern California hospital broke down in early January, hospital officials realized they only had about two hours to administer the more than 800 doses that were stored inside. Our Mendocino County members immediately jumped into action, assisting in the rapid deployment of vaccines to their community. In just two hours, workers were able to get 200 badly needed doses administered. 


Review and Analysis of April 2019 Mendocino County Compensation Study

In October 2017, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors approved a contract for $100,000 with Koff & Associates to carry out a review of compensation for county employees. The term of the contract was for five months with an expected final report due in the summer of 2018. In the spring of 2018, Human Resources reported to the Board of Supervisors that the process had been delayed and that more time was needed. Human Resources returned to the Board of Supervisors again in September 2018 and requested a nine month extension on the Koff & Associates contract.


Contribute to the Mendocino County Strike Fund

A number of years ago, the Mendocino County Chapter established a Chapter Strike Fund to provide financial assistance in the event of a strike. We are committed to reaching a fair agreement with the County, but should the County refuse to bargain in good faith or commit unfair labor practices, we must be ready to strike if necessary. To prepare for this possibility, the Chapter Executive Board and Negotiating Team have called for a resumption of the Chapter Strike Fund.


Providing Relief During the Mendocino Complex Fires

On July 27, Brian Klovski got a call from his boss that a mandatory evacuation was in place due to a massive wildfire, and it was spreading fast. “We train throughout the year to prepare for calls like that.  Within hours, we got to work to help evacuees displaced by the Mendocino Complex Fires with temporary shelter.”
Brian works for the Health and Human Services Department helping coordinate homeless services throughout the Mendocino County. During a countywide disaster, he leads the Mendocino County Care and Shelter Team.