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Despite Dysfunctional Board & Challenging Circumstances, Mendocino County Workers Move Forward to Ratify Union Contract

Mendocino County workers holding an informational picket


Contact: Ian Lee,, (510) 384-7165

UKIAH, CA – Tuesday, December 19th, 2023, 700 Mendocino County workers – including road crews, public health nurses, and children’s social workers – voted to ratify a union contract with a 77% “yes” vote.

Hard-fought over nine months, this agreement will bring all classifications’ pay up to market rate. This agreement will also have Mendocino County pick up a higher percentage of the cost of employees’ healthcare. Ultimately, these improvements will begin to address the long-standing staffing issues that are harming Mendocino County’s children, seniors, and families.

With the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors talking about bankruptcy and layoffs, the determination and unity of Mendocino County workers have moved the County forward.

What has become clear is that the County’s leadership is suffering from profound levels of dysfunction – from lawsuits, audits, and a tragicomic misunderstanding of its own budget. In addition to addressing this dysfunction, Mendocino County workers will continue to focus their efforts on pushing the County to be more open about its finances. They will continue to push the County to collect its uncollected revenues. More broadly, Mendocino County workers will continue to engage with the County’s issues with housing and economic development – essential issues for the County to thrive.

While disappointed by the County’s failure to engage and work with its employees through the negotiating process, the SEIU 1021 bargaining team looks forward to continuing to fight for a Mendocino County that works for all its residents.

“Bringing all classifications’ pay up to market rate is a significant first step toward making sure we can attract enough staff to provide the public services that Mendocino families rely on,” said SEIU 1021 Chapter President A’Kesh Eidi, a program administrator for the county. “Despite challenging circumstances, we are going to continue to fight for a better, more equitable Mendocino.”


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