City of Oakland

SEIU 1021

SEIU 1021 takes the lead in reimagining public safety by spearheading Oakland’s MACRO program and creating good, union jobs to respond to mental health emergencies

Public safety has many faces. To protect our community and improve conditions for our friends, family, and neighbors who are experiencing mental health issues, Oakland has taken a bold step by creating a new emergency response unit called the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO). This unit will be made up of civilians with medical and mental health training, and these civilians will be SEIU 1021 members.


City of Oakland Bargaining Team Election Results

The Bargaining Team shall be made up of the following representatives:

Chapter Officers: (all seven serve on bargaining team) 

Public Works (2) 

  • Timothy Glasper  
  • Gabriel Macias 

Sewers (1)

  • Hugo Velasquez 

Department of Transportation (1)

  • Loren Givens 

Library (2 (1 permanent, 1 TPT))

  • Susan Martinez 
  • Adelina Hernandez  

Fire (1)



Last week, the City approached us, and the other unions whose contracts are expiring on June 30 of this year, to discuss an extension offer. Today, in coalition with those other unions, we met with the City to hear what they had to say. After the meeting, they sent us a one-sentence proposal that we extend our existing contract as-is for the next two years, with no cost of living adjustment. The City can do better.


Notice of 2021 Chapter Bargaining Team Elections
And Call for Nominations for Bargaining Team Members

Governed by SEIU Local 1021 Chapter Bylaws Template

Bargaining Team Nominations / Election

Per SEIU 1021 City of Oakland Bylaws, notice is hereby given of an election for the Bargaining Team for upcoming contract negotiations.

Elections shall be conducted electronically through personal email addresses and personal cell phone numbers. If you would like to confirm that SEIU 1021 has accurate contact information for you, please contact the Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021.

Deadlines and Milestones


City of Oakland Chapter Meeting
Thursday, November 5, 5 p.m.

Thursday, November 5, 5 p.m.
Or dial in by phone: 669-900-6833
Meeting ID: 434 596 7440
Passcode: 680050

What we expected to be a short pandemic has lasted more than six months, and it seems certain to last much longer. Many of our members have been able to telecommute during the Shelter in Place order, but many others have not.


Final Response to Election Challenge

This Election Committee was convened at the start of 2020 to engage and hold a Chapter Officer Election for the City of Oakland in a vote that would have concluded in March. On March 17, the State of California entered a statewide Shelter In Place order due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The nomination proceedings were due to conclude on the 19th with an in-person meeting to review all nomination forms and eligibility of the candidates.


Chapter Elections Results

Dear City of Oakland Co-Worker:

Our elections have concluded, and the results are below. 

420 votes were cast.

Candidate: Votes, Percentage

Felipe Ortega De Cuevas 250, 59.50%
Tim Glasper: 170, 40.50%

First Vice‐President
Candidate: Votes, Percentage

Michael Pandolfo: 318, 100.00%

Votes tallied: 318
Abstentions: 102

Candidate: Votes, Percentage


Chapter Officer Candidate List

The candidates for our upcoming chapter elections are as follows:


  • Tim Glasper 
  • Felipe Ortega De Cuevas

1st VP: 

  • Michael Pandolfo 

2nd VP: 

  • None


  • Frankie Izzo 


  • Angelica Lopez 

Chief Steward: 


Know Your Rights
Stay Safe at Work

Your union has become aware of health and safety concerns in the City of Oakland, including concerns outside of those normally associated with the work performed in Police and Fire Emergency Communications and Public Works.

We have met with the City, and made it clear to them that the health and safety of our members and their families is a non-negotiable priority. It is the responsibility of every one of us to watch out for any unsafe or unhealthy work assignments, and to speak up when they happen. Here’s how to do that:


When We Fight, We Win!
When We Stand with the Community, They Stand with Us

Dog in a car near signs reading NO MORE CUTS and SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES FIRST

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Oakland administration has tried to attack our union. Before coming to the bargaining table, they cut the hours of our ‘temporary, part-time’ members and threatened mass layoffs of permanent workers. Only through a long campaign were we able to beat back the Mayor’s attack and force her to take her further concessions off the table.


The Mayor Wants to Balance Her Budget On Our Backs, with TPT Layoffs, Up to 26 Days of Furloughs, Delayed COLAs, Postponed Step Increases, and More — We Say “No Way!”

As most of our members know, Mayor Libby Schaaf and her administration pre-emptively laid off our temporary, part-time workforce, and then came to us and proposed that we accept even MORE cuts.

We have not agreed to any such cuts. With one voice, we have told the Mayor and her staff, again and again, that we do not agree with their position that any cuts are necessary.