SEIU 1021

Oakland City Council passes budget without job cuts
Layoffs & service cuts are off the table for now, contingent on the sale of the Coliseum


The Oakland City Council voted in favor of the mayor’s budget proposal on Tuesday, July 2, saving SEIU 1021 members from any immediate threat of job cuts.

The days leading up to the vote grew contentious as city workers fought against proposed changes that would cut public services and jobs. They packed the council chambers alongside community allies and activists leading up to the vote and on the day of the vote, urging council members to stick with the initial plan to backfill a deficit with the sale of the Coliseum. 

Nikki Fortunato Bas, Dan Kalb, Carroll Fife, Kevin Jenkins, and Rebecca Kaplan voted in favor of the plan.

“City workers can breathe a sigh of relief that this budget approval saves us from any job cuts in the short term, we just hope that the city can continue to offer vital services to Oaklanders down the line,” said City of Oakland Chapter President and 911 dispatcher Antoinette Blue.