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Sonoma County Workers Rally at Board of Supervisors to Demand Action to Address Severe Staffing Crisis
Short staffing is jeopardizing critical public services and endangering residents – and frustrated county workers are speaking up.

Sonoma County is experiencing an unprecedented staffing crisis that is leaving residents in a lurch, particularly the county’s most vulnerable. After the strain of multiple fires, floods, and the pandemic, on top of pay that has not kept pace with inflation, employees are leaving the County at alarming rates to find more sustainable employment elsewhere. Those who remain are struggling under an ever-increasing workload – and county residents are paying the price. 


Meet the Sonoma County Bargaining Team

August 31, newly elected members of the Sonoma County bargaining team met at the SEIU 1021 Santa Rosa office for an initial meeting to start getting to know each other and familiarizing themselves with what to expect in contract negotiations this year.

The new bargaining team includes representatives elected from the clerical, service and tech, non-supervisory maintenance, social services, nursing, and general supervisory divisions, as well as chapter officers.


Sonoma County Workers Win Hazard Pay, Increase in Living Wage Ordinance

December was an exciting month for Sonoma County workers, who scored two big wins from the Board of Supervisors. Thanks to stellar organizing led by chapter president Jana Blunt, members won hazard pay for the more than 4,000 County workers (with the exception of elected officials) in recognition of their dedicated service and sacrifice during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members also secured an increase in the county’s living wage ordinance to $16.75 an hour that will boost the take-home pay of the lowest-paid County employees.


Sonoma County Chapter President Jana Blunt Is Kicking A$$ for the Working Class
Now She’ll Have an Award That Says So.

Dec. 14, 2021: 

Folks who know SEIU 1021 Sonoma County Chapter President Jana Blunt and are familiar with her work with the union agree: She is an amazing leader who gets s*%t done. Her fierce, persistent, and creative organizing and advocacy was crucial in successfully saving 45+ County workers’ jobs in less than a year and, most recently, winning hazard pay for all County employees for their work and sacrifice throughout the pandemic. And she is still fighting hard for an equitable countywide telework policy.


Election Update

The nomination period is closed. 

The nominees for Vice President (click each name to read the candidate’s statement):

The following positions were uncontested and therefore the individuals nominated are considered duly elected according to our chapter bylaws. They will assume their positions on May 1, 2021. Congratulations to all! 

President: Jana Blunt

Secretary-Treasurer: Hillary Paffenroth

COPE Representative: Michael Stanford

County Industry Council Representative: Paul Foster

At-Large Representative: Stephanie Garcia


Notice of Election

Notice of Election and Membership Meeting Announcement

There is a membership meeting on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 6pm via Zoom.  A Zoom link will be sent out via email.


Sonoma County Workers Fight for a Fair Contract

Tuesday, March 12th, hundreds of Sonoma County workers gathered for a rally and swarmed the County Administration building where members of the Board of Supervisors were meeting regarding the contract negotiations.


Notice of Chapter Elections: County of Sonoma County Chapter

Per the SEIU 1021 County of Sonoma Chapter Bylaws, notice is hereby given of an Officer Election for the County of Sonoma Chapter of SEIU 1021 for the purpose of electing a new Chapter Executive Board for a two-year term.

Elections shall be conducted by worksite ballot, held during the week of April 8 – 13, 2019 Monday through Saturday,during the hours of 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, unless otherwise noted, at the following locations:


County Of Sonoma Chapter Elections and Call For Nominations For Negotiating Team Representatives

Per SEIU 1021 County of Sonoma Bylaws, notice is hereby given of an election for the Negotiating Team for the upcoming contract negotiations.

Elections shall be conducted by worksite ballot, held during the week of September 4-11th, 2018 during the hours of 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted, at the following locations: