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Port of Oakland Workers Need a Fair Contract NOW!
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In a global pandemic, the health and safety of port workers should be the highest priority. 

Port of Oakland workers are understaffed and conditions are unsafe. As a result, the airport stays clean and operational by relying on huge amounts of overtime and increasing workloads in ways that are unsafe for workers and cut corners on airport cleanliness.


Custodial Shift Bid Committee Nominations Are Open!
Get Involved to Make Your Union Stronger!

We are looking for six (6) custodians, ideally, two (2) per shift (Days, Swing, and Grave), who want to continue making our union strong.

The 2023 Custodial Shift Bid meet and confer committee will help determine any changes that need to be made to improve the bidding process and work zones.

When we meet with management, you will receive release time, if you are scheduled to work. There may be some dates/times that you will need to volunteer your time.

You will be responsible for reporting back and collecting information from your coworkers.


Winning for Members
Port of Oakland NEW Work From Home Pilot Program Announced

Our union has met and conferred with Port management, and we’re pleased to announce a new work from home pilot program, a good step forward for better working conditions. If your work can be done from home and if you are interested in this opportunity, request an eligibility form from your supervisor.

Please note: to participate in this program, your address must be correct with HR.



Port of Oakland Custodians Speak Out About the Understaffing Making the Airport Unsafe for Passengers and Workers
“What do we want? We want to be safe! What do we want? We want YOU safe!”

On Wednesday, April 14, dozens of custodians at Oakland International Airport held an informational picket to call out chronic understaffing that is leaving crucial sanitation work undone and creating unsafe conditions. The custodians picketed and hung a banner over 880 to call attention to the issues they have been facing for more than a year.


Oakland Airport Custodians Bring Their Safety and Staffing Demands Straight to the Boss
“Know one thing: Custodians are essential!”

Custodians are standing together to demand an end to understaffing and improved safety in the workplace at Oakland’s International Airport.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning high-traffic areas absolutely cannot be compromised on, but understaffing is making that impossible at the airport. As Jo’Ell Thompson, a custodian at the Oakland Airport for ten years, said, “We are cleaning contaminated areas, where people who are known to be infected have been, but we’re understaffed and unable to keep the airport properly cleaned.”


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In a global pandemic, the health and safety of airport workers should be the highest priority. 

But the Port of Oakland custodians are understaffed and conditions are unsafe: areas of the airport are not being properly disinfected, and workers are being injured. 

This is unacceptable. We the undersigned demand immediate action from Port of Oakland management so we can have a properly staffed, safe working environment and an airport that is clean and safe for passengers.