SEIU 1021

Union Update


Port Management Unprepared for Arbitration

The Port communicated to SEIU that they wanted to settle outstanding grievances before they go before an arbitrator. We meet with the Port on June 6, 2022, with the intention of settlement. As a union, we were prepared!  

When we asked questions about how they can justify the arbitrary and extreme suspensions, we received the response that certain cases have previous discipline histories. We followed up by asking to see the previous history of discipline. The Port told us that they “did not want to go into the weeds”. 

It became apparent the Port was ill-prepared. We prepared for the meeting, but the Port responded by asking to set another date! We expect management to be prepared, especially when we’re discussing important issues like suspensions! 

Negotiations Are Underway 

We had our first negotiations on June 6, 2022 with the Port. Our biggest disagreement is how the Port is violating and abusing the contract language for progressive discipline.  We want to clarify the language, so the Port does not continue to hand down extreme suspensions before coaching and counseling or verbal discipline. When we presented the proposal, management responded by claiming there is not a problem with the current language.

This is completely untrue. Some of our members are getting 10-day suspensions for minor infractions for a first-time offense. 

This must STOP! Management is creating an atmosphere of fear and hostility. Our place of work should be free from abuse! This is not acceptable.

Look out for bargaining surveys next week! Get yours from your Bargaining Team representative, fill it out at your earliest convenience, and get it back to them ASAP. 


Worker’s Compensation: If You Are Injured on the Job, You MUST Apply

We recently had an incident where one of our members was injured on the job. Fortunately, that member has recovered from their injuries and is back at work. However, when this incident took place, the supervisor and manager were notified of the event, and an incident report was filled out and filed with the Port. Following the incident, our member went to see the doctor due to health concerns related to the workplace accident. The doctor placed our member on a short medical leave. When they turned in the paperwork, management told our member they must use their personal sick time leave. 

Management knew about the workplace injury and failed to offer our member the opportunity to fill out the Worker’s Compensation form. Management failed to show compassion or check into the health of their employee. 

As a reminder, if you are ever injured on the job, you MUST go to Human Resources – Workers’s Comp department and request the Worker’s Comp form.

Custodial Shift Bids – June 15, 2022

Reminder: June 15, 2022, is the day to bid on your shifts for all custodians.  If you have not received your shift bid packet, please email John Hester at or Roxanne Barnett, your Field Rep, at

Are You Due a Professional Development Reimbursement?

Reminder: The last day to submit your reimbursement is June 30, 2022.

Upcoming Meeting: Save the Date!

June 29, 2022 – General Membership Meeting (More info will be announced soon)