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SEIU 1021 staff and member leaders are working hard to safeguard your health at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to find employer-specific information, details, and documents to learn more about what’s happening in your worksite during this outbreak.


Napa County members ratify strong new contract

SEIU 1021 members working for Napa County ratified a new contract by 92%. Votes were tallied June 3.

The contract, effective from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2027, includes a total 11% wage increase and winter recess. Employees will receive base wage increases of 4% in year 1, 3.5% in year 2, and 3.5% in year 3.

Additionally, a winter recess period has been established, with employees receiving 32 hours of winter paid time off annually. 


Napa County Tentative Agreement Summary

We have come to a tentative agreement (TA) for the contract between SEIU 1021/NAPE and Napa County. Napa county bargaining team has been meeting regularly with the County since early February and has reached a tentative agreement for a 3-year contract!

We will now vote on the TA from Thursday, May 30th through Monday, June 3rd ending at 6pm. Voting will take place electronically VIA Survey Monkey to your personal email. Please make sure your email address is updated!


Napa County & City of Napa members rally for a fair contract

More than 100 SEIU 1021 members from Napa County and City of Napa gathered at the Napa County administration building on Tuesday, May 7, to rally for improved working conditions and fair treatment for workers.

As negotiations continue for new contracts for both bargaining units, the workers highlighted the pressing need for increased cost-of-living adjustments to combat rising prices, reduce turnover, and fill vacancies.


Celebrating political wins and historical milestones in SEIU 1021 Region A

SEIU 1021 is thrilled to announce a series of significant political victories across Napa and Solano Counties in Region A this primary season.

In Napa County, our endorsed candidates triumphed in crucial Board of Supervisors races, resulting in a historic milestone. The Napa County Board of Supervisors will become the first all-women board in the board’s 174-year history, with Amber Manfree securing the Napa BOS D4 seat, Liz Alessio retaining her position in Napa BOS D2, and Belia Ramos emerging victorious in Napa BOS D5.


SEIU 1021 members in Solano and Napa Counties get out the vote

In the 2024 primary election, SEIU 1021 is strongly supporting pro-labor candidates for the Napa and Solano County Board of Supervisors.

The endorsed candidates include Amber Manfree, Liz Alessio, and Belia Ramos for Napa County and Cassandra James for Solano County, all committed to being powerful voices for workers and their communities.


Napa and Solano unity events were a spectacular celebration of solidarity and camaraderie

SEIU 1021 Napa and Solano unity events were a spectacular celebration of solidarity and camaraderie. The evenings were filled with dancing, refreshments, raffles, dinner, and dessert.

The events were honored with the presence of local elected officials and influential labor leaders. As SEIU 1021 members came together, the unity events became not only a celebration but a powerful reaffirmation of collective strength and shared goals within the Napa and Solano communities.


Napa County workers march in downtown Napa to urge the board of supervisors to address the countywide vacancy problems

Napa County workers march downtown, demanding swift action to address the staffing crisis

Hundreds of Napa County workers marched and rallied outside the Napa County administration building today, speaking out on the county worker staffing crisis. SEIU 1021 members attested to how understaffing — including of nurses in the Public Health Department, public health workers at Communicable Diseases, social workers at Child Protection Services and Comprehensive Services for Older Adults, and workers in the Mental Health Department – is hurting residents.


Napa County workers speak out on staffing crisis at board of supervisors meeting
The County currently has a 20% vacancy rate that is decimating service delivery and fueling burnout

Dozens of Napa County workers gathered at the administration building this morning to speak out at the Napa County Board of Supervisors meeting about how understaffing in critical departments is hurting residents. Workers called on the county elected officials to commit to filling the hundreds of vacancies that are already budgeted for while using the county’s budget surplus to expand public services and invest in good-paying, permanent, county jobs that serve our residents.