SEIU 1021

Napa County Tentative Agreement Summary


We have come to a tentative agreement (TA) for the contract between SEIU 1021/NAPE and Napa County. Napa county bargaining team has been meeting regularly with the County since early February and has reached a tentative agreement for a 3-year contract!

We will now vote on the TA from Thursday, May 30th through Monday, June 3rd ending at 6pm. Voting will take place electronically VIA Survey Monkey to your personal email. Please make sure your email address is updated!

If you do not receive a ballot or need your address updated, please email Chasity Dobbs

Your bargaining team recommends a YES vote!

New TA Highlights for a 3-year contract ending June 30, 2027:

  • Wages increases: 4% in 2024, 3.5% in 2025 and 3.5% in 2026. Year 1 is effective the first pay period after ratification and the Board adopts our MOU. Years 2-3 are effective the first full pay period of the fiscal year.
  • Winter Paid Time Off (PTO) Winter Recess: County offices will be closed between December 25th and January 1st for four days. All non-essential operations will close, and employees will have four paid days off (equivalent of 32 hours). Those who are required to work during this recess will be able to use 32 hours of leave just like any other leave bank before the end of the Fiscal Year (June 30).
  • Additional Holiday: Indigenous People’s Day (Second Monday in October).
  • 2.5 @ 55 Retirement Tier employee cost-sharing cap reduced from 2.591% to 2.346%. Any future decreases will only apply to the employees’ cost-share percentage, up to .5% annually. The County bears all cost increases. Once the reduction is applied, that becomes the new cost-sharing cap until the amount reaches zero.
  • Bilingual Pay Increased from $80/pay period to $100/pay period for Level 1 and increased from $100 to $180/pay period for Level 2.
  • Standby Pay Increased from $2.65/hour to $4.50/hour for weekdays and increased from $2.90/hour to $5.00/hour for Weekends/Holidays.
  • Deferred Compensation Match increased from $600 to $800 in 2025, $900 in 2026, $1,000 in 2027.
  • Resolution to Social Worker III vs Social Worker IV salary compaction issue. 
  • Cell Phone allowance increased from $50 to $70/month for everyone receiving a cell phone allowance. Bereavement Leave change: You can use up to 8 hours per calendar year, either in one 8-hour or two 4-hour blocks to attend the funeral of someone who doesn’t qualify as “immediate family”.
  • Change to mileage start location that reflects the office you usually start your workday, rather than the main office location.
  • Uniform Allowance: Correctional Sergeants increased from $700 to $900, Correctional officer I/II, Classification Specialist and Correctional Corporal increased from $700 to $900, Animal Service Officer increased from $600 to $800.
  • Updated Grievance and Discipline procedures.
  • Added language about 7/80 work schedules.
  • Added new and modernized Anti-Harassment and Discrimination section.
  • The Union will appoint a member to the Napa County Childcare and Development Planning Council, a forum to address the childcare needs of all families in all childcare programs, both subsidized and non-subsidized in Napa County and to develop a plan to address those needs.
  • Meet and Confer to discuss changing attorney classifications to salaried status with comp time system..
  • Eligibility Specialist I will have a 12-month probation.
  • Workplace Safety- the Union will appoint two bargaining unit employees to the County’s Safety Coordinator meetings.