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SEIU 1021 staff and member leaders are working hard to safeguard your health at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to find employer-specific information, details, and documents to learn more about what’s happening in your worksite during this outbreak.

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San Francisco Newsletter: July 2021

There’s a lot of news this month about the upcoming City & County of San Francisco bargaining team elections, but we’ll be back to our normally scheduled monthly newsletter next month.

You can stay up to date on news from our union at Also, please note there will be no regional meeting held in the month of August. Keep reading to see what’s new around San Francisco for SEIU 1021 members:

City & County of San Francisco Bargaining Team elections are here!


San Francisco Newsletter: June 2021

Welcome to the June issue of our monthly newsletter for SEIU 1021 members in San Francisco. You can read our May issue here, or keep reading below to see recaps of the big fights our members have taken on in the last month.

If you have a workplace issue you or your colleagues are dealing with and you’d like help and support from our union,  don’t forget that in addition to reaching out to your steward or labor representative, you can also contact the SEIU 1021 Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021.


Tenderloin Housing Clinic members put pressure on management to win hazard pay

Last year, management at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic shamefully cut off hazard pay, even as our members continued to serve clients amidst the pandemic. Even worse, they lied by telling us that they didn’t have the financial flexibility to continue the practice. Members got creative, though, and began brainstorming the next steps.


Members at the Fine Arts Museums secure a new contract with stability and layoff protections

Nonprofit members at the Fine Arts Museums knew that bargaining during this pandemic would be a challenge. “The negotiating team at the Fine Arts Museums worked in less-than-normal circumstances this year to hold listening sessions with our membership, to strategize amongst ourselves, and to meet with management,” said Francisco Rosas, a museum worker and bargaining team member.


Budget negotiations are coming up. Here’s what SEIU 1021 members need to know

The incredible work we did last year to help pass Prop F and other revenue measures have paid off. The Controller’s Office released its budget outlook memo and there will be no wage delays for City and County of San Francisco workers in 2021.

This means workers will receive the .5% on June 30, 2021 and a 3% increase effective July 1, 2021. Remember, management does not give us these raises out of the goodness of their hearts. The only reason we are receiving them is because we fought during our last round of negotiations to guarantee these increases.


As the City considers layoffs at 49 S. Van Ness, custodial and security workers are organizing to put pressure on GSA and protect their jobs

When the City and County of San Francisco opened a new building at 49 S. Van Ness, to be managed by the General Services Agency, we knew how important it would be for custodial and security services to be brought in house. Having permanent, union civil service workers cleaning and protecting the building would mean having dedicated public servants safeguarding the health and wellbeing of everyone working in the 16-story high rise that provides permits to the public, hosts multiple departments, and houses hundreds of City workers.


GSA member stands up for herself and wins after management shorts her six days of pay

Recently, a member working at San Francisco’s General Services Agency learned firsthand how management tries using COVID-19 as an excuse to violate our contract.

The member in question was just coming off an FMLA leave and requested telework accommodations, as they were entitled to do. 

Rather than work with our member while scheduling their skeleton rotation in the physical offices, management instead shorted her six days of pay and wrongly claimed that she refusing to come into work.


What does the American Rescue Plan mean for SF’s public workers?

The American Rescue Plan (ARP), which President Biden signed into law last week, will provide desperately-needed relief for Northern California families and the essential services provided by SEIU 1021 members. It’s been projected that the ARP will provide San Francisco with enough federal relief to effectively wipe away almost all of the debt that the City and County anticipated accruing as a result of the pandemic’s economic impacts.


SF healthcare workers fight back against workplace safety crisis

Long before COVID-19, members in the Department of Public Health were there for vulnerable patients in our community despite a lack of adequate staffing and other dangerous working conditions. In the last year, COVID-19 has blown those issues wide open and our city’s healthcare infrastructure is in crisis.

We’re now a full year into the worst global health emergency in over a century, yet management continues to woefully mismanage our response to this pandemic while long-term issues which impact patient care continue to persist.


Refusing to be bullied into concessions, SFMTA workers stand strong and speak out

Towards the end of last year, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency gave a budget presentation with various made-up budget scenarios heavily implying that layoffs would be necessary to balance the operating budget as a result of COVID-19’s impact. This was a transparent attempt by management to pressure members into giving back our hard-fought raises while we struggle to work safely through this pandemic.


After years of fighting, radiology workers secure huge reclassification victory to raise wages and secure retro pay for members

For years, San Francisco lagged behind regional hospitals like UC, Kaiser, Stanford, and others in compensating radiology staff. Those hospitals had distinct career paths to compliment different areas of specialty (called modalities) such as CT, MRI, mammography, and more, but DPH had no path rewarding workers for expanding their skills or growing in their careers. Six and a half years ago, SEIU 1021 members at SF General Hospital decided enough was enough.


After months-long fight, P103 nurses win COVID-19 leave

Nurses are the frontline of defense for our community’s health and have worked tirelessly around the clock to keep our city’s residents safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. When the city rolled out its COVID leave bank last March, however, P103 nurses were not given access to that emergency leave. This was unacceptable, so our union jumped into action.


APALA celebrates Lunar New Year by honoring essential workers

COVID-19 means that Lunar New Year celebrations won’t proceed the same way this year, but Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) members are finding creative ways to celebrate and honor frontline workers.

This year, SF APALA members made a video honoring essential workers everywhere, including those who aren’t as publicly visible. The video will be part of KTVU’s virtual parade on Saturday, Feb 20 at 6 pm. You can also get a sneak peek at this month’s SF Regional Meeting on February 18. Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Asian Art Museum Foundation workers fight back against layoff threats

When the Asian Art Museum said they would be pursuing layoffs due to COVID-19 last November, members knew they needed to spring into action and fight back. Immediately, leadership dug in their heels, got the membership engaged, and began using the Labor Management Committee to force negotiations on every issue possible to find solutions.


Felton Institute FSA members secure strong new agreement

Members at the Felton Institute Family Service Agency fought and won a new agreement containing strong health and safety provisions and a significant pay increase. Despite the impacts of COVID, we secured a 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to the wage scale.

Another big priority for members was winning the ability to donate sick time to colleagues in need whose sick bank may be depleted. Members have now secured the ability to donate up to 37.5 weeks of sick time. Congratulations!


SF Art Institute members help preserve famed Diego Rivera mural

Last month, leaders in SEIU 1021’s SFAI Adjunct Union, students, alumni, and the arts community worked with SF Supervisor Aaron Peskin to declare the college’s Diego Rivera mural a local landmark. Union leaders took this step to prevent the college’s board from selling the mural, which depicts working people building the City of San Francisco.