City and County of San Francisco

SEIU 1021

Rally To Improve Patient Care in SF
April 23 at a Lunchtime Rally from 12-1PM at SFGH

In the richest city in the world, with the highest cost of living and most billionaires, and a new wave of tech IPOs about to make inequality worse, there’s no excuse for healthcare workers to burn out because we don’t have the resources our patients need.

But we are being told in negotiations that the City can’t afford to invest in the staffing our patients need, can’t stop the abuse of temporary workers, and can’t allow our salaries to keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living.


Standing Up for a City for All

City Workers, Housing Advocates and Gig Workers March from San Francisco City Hall to Uber Headquarters to Deliver Message for Gig Companies to Stop Shortchanging Public Services

In a city as absurdly rich as San Francisco, there is no reason for thousands of families to be left behind. The City is experiencing unprecedented wealth. Last year alone, city revenues were up to more than $10 Billion.


#DisruptInequality Rally and March
RSVP for the Rally on Thursday, April 11 at SF City Hall

April 11 March and Rally in SF

Stand up for workers’ rights and against corporate greed that’s fueling the rise of income inequality. Join hundreds of San Francisco workers to take a stand for our communities and working families’ chance to thrive in our city.

When multi-billion dollar corporations dodge taxes, they rob city residents and workers of the city services and decent-paying jobs our communities deserve.


We Are SEIU 1021 – Qing Yi Feng
San Francisco City Hall Custodial Assistant Supervisor

Each week we’ll feature every day heroes: SEIU 1021 members who care for our sick and elderly, educate our children, keep our cities moving, and ensure that courts work for everyone.

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“When I found out I would be working in City Hall after completing a custodial training program, I was really happy. I never thought I could work at a place like this—San Francisco City Hall.


Workers Take Action to Stop Harassment and Discrimination 

On March 7, more than 1,000 San Francisco workers and community allies protested in front of the headquarters of the SF Municipal Transportation Agency and the city’s Human Resources Department to demand City Administrators take immediate action to stop sexual harassment and end gender discrimination across city departments. 

The rally comes after city ombudsman Dolores Blanding released a report detailing allegations of bullying, verbal abuse, discrimination, and sexual harassment within city departments. 


San Francisco Contract Action Team

Calling all city and county workers, nurses, courts, housing authority, and non profit workers united in SEIU 1021! Our strength lies in our unity and our willingness to take action in the fight for our rights, fair contracts, and the services we provide to San Francisco’s communities. Join fellow SEIU 1021 members dedicated in advancing the rights of working families through collective action. Don’t miss the launch of our SF CAT (Contract Action Team). The CAT team leads the fight in winning at the bargaining table.


Why We March on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

On Monday, January 21, all across the country, thousands are expected to march in commemoration of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. In San Francisco, City and county workers will join the march to honor Dr. King’s legacy and to continue his fight for justice for all.
WHAT: Erase Racism March
Meet at 10 a.m. 


Fill Out the City-Wide Bargaining Survey Today

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Fill Out the SF MTA Service Critical Bargaining Survey

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Fill Out the SF RN Bargaining Survey Today

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Child Care Center to Be Built for SEIU 1021 City Workers
Affordable, Accessible Child Care Plan Moves Forward

During our last contract negotiations, the City tried to go back on its word and informed us that they would not provide the child care center that our contracts, both Citywide and RNs, had included.

We took action to enforce our contracts and hold the City accountable. We filed grievances and, in arbitration, the City was found to have violated our contract.


Nonprofit and Homecare Workers Speak Out and Win 

Earlier today dozens of workers who provide care services to seniors, children, people with disabilities, and the homeless testified before the SF Board of Supervisors and moved them to raise wages under the city’s Minimum Compensation Ordinance.