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Sonoma County members confront Board of Supervisors over its decision to remove peace officer status of park rangers

SEIU 1021 Sonoma County President Travis Balzarini confronting the Board over its decision to remove peace officer status from park rangers

Tuesday, July 16, more than a dozen SEIU 1021 members at Sonoma County confronted their Board of Supervisors over its decision to remove peace officer status from park rangers. “Peace officer status” is a designation that allows rangers to perform duties similar to those of sheriff deputies within their parks, such as issuing citations, arresting people, and handling law enforcement situations. 


Fantastic Negrito to Headline 2024 SEIU 1021 Convention

This year will be the first time SEIU 1021 delegates and members will gather in-person for a convention since the pandemic. Along with the important work of laying out a plan for the next few years, the convention will also feature a celebration to commemorate the special occasion. The union is thrilled to announce that 3x GRAMMY® Award-winner and Oakland’s own Fantastic Negrito will be headlining the event at the SAFE Convention Center in Sacramento.


Join SEIU 1021’s AFRAM Caucus today!

Joining SEIU 1021’s AFRAM is more than just signing up as a member. It’s a commitment to solidarity and empowerment.

AFRAM – the African American Solidarity Committee – stands at the forefront of advocating for social, economic, and political justice within our workplaces, communities, and union. By joining AFRAM, you become part of a vibrant network dedicated to enhancing opportunities through education, mentorship, and leadership development for members of African descent.


In memory of Jane McAlevey

Union organizer Jane McAlevey

Vice President of Organizing Brandon Dawkins reflects on the life and legacy of union organizer Jane McAlevey. Jane passed Sunday at her cabin in Muir Beach, CA. She was 59.

“Jane taught me that in politics and organizing, the future is radically unknown. Our national politics might creep closer to fascism, or we might fight for and win a progressive future. The national labor movement may continue to shrink, or we may realize SEIU President April Verrett’s vision of organizing a million workers over the next decade.


Oakland City Council passes budget without job cuts
Layoffs & service cuts are off the table for now, contingent on the sale of the Coliseum

The Oakland City Council voted in favor of the mayor’s budget proposal on Tuesday, July 2, saving SEIU 1021 members from any immediate threat of job cuts.

The days leading up to the vote grew contentious as city workers fought against proposed changes that would cut public services and jobs. They packed the council chambers alongside community allies and activists leading up to the vote and on the day of the vote, urging council members to stick with the initial plan to backfill a deficit with the sale of the Coliseum. 


Unionized Starbucks workers celebrate Pride

Unionized Starbucks workers and their allies celebrating pride at a store in Antioch, CA

Thursday, June 27, a dozen unionized baristas and cashiers celebrated Pride at the Starbucks on Davison Drive and Deer Valley Road in Antioch, CA.

“Working for a multi-billion dollar corporation, I unionized because we deserve to have a say when it comes to our pay and staffing levels,” said Jasper Fontaine, a shift supervisor. “We’re having a sip-in to celebrate Pride because many of us are queer, and we want to create a welcoming environment both to queer Starbucks partners and to queer Starbucks customers. The union is inclusive.”


City of San Rafael members ratify union contract, making major strides to address public staffing crisis

SEIU 1021 members  confronting San Rafael city council

On Thursday, June 27, SEIU 1021 members working for the City of San Rafael – including childcare providers, street maintenance workers, library staff, and administrative staff – voted by an overwhelming 97.1% to ratify a contract with the City. The new agreement makes major strides to address the staffing crisis that has been plaguing San Rafael’s children, families, and residents. 


Members protest proposed budget cuts to Oakland City services

Unions representing Oakland city employees united on Friday, June 28, to together protest a proposal that would address a historical budget deficit by slashing funding to critical services, including firefighters and police.

Members of SEIU 1021 and IFPTE Local 21 gathered in front of City Hall at Frank Ogawa Plaza in the afternoon, donning their union colors and holding up signs that read, “Chop from the top!” 


SEIU 1021 members celebrate Juneteenth at Vallejo Festival and Parade

On Saturday, June 15, SEIU 1021 members joined thousands of attendees at the Vallejo Juneteenth Festival & Parade held at the Barbara Kondylis Waterfront Green. The event, commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, featured a vibrant celebration of culture, history, and community spirit.


SFDPH nurses, SFMTA Service Critical workers ratify contracts with big improvements
By 86% and 95% margins respectively, the last two SEIU 1021 San Francisco City & County bargaining units have locked in gains despite challenging budget

The threat of a widespread San Francisco city worker strike is officially over: Large supermajorities of members of SEIU 1021, the union representing over 16,000 city workers, have voted to ratify agreements reached with the City and County across three collective bargaining units. 


SEIU 1021 members tell the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees: “SAFE STAFFING SAVES LIVES”

Last Wednesday, June 12, hundreds of SEIU 1021 members gathered in Highland Hospital’s cafeteria before marching on the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees, chanting “SAFE STAFFING SAVES LIVES!”

At the Board of Trustees meeting, member after member spoke up to demand a fair contract that addresses the core issues hurting AHS workers: bad management, safety, and staffing.


With an overwhelming supermajority of 71% YES votes, the City of Berkeley’s Clerical and Maintenance chapters vote to ratify their tentative agreement!

The members turned out in record numbers, and with a 71% YES vote, the historic City of Berkeley maintenance and clerical tentative agreement has been ratified.

The democratically achieved victory was ratified by a supermajority and includes many significant wins, including a historic COLA and protecting the 100% employer-paid medical coverage.

Maintenance Chapter President Danny Walker said, “I’m confident in saying that this is our best contract in 20 years.”


SEIU members rally at California State Capitol to advocate for a fair budget for Californians
Hundred of union members from across the state came together in solidarity to speak out against proposed budget cuts

SEIU members rally at California State Capitol to advocate for a fair budget for Californians

On Tuesday, June 11, hundreds of SEIU members from across the state marched and rallied  alongside community allies at the California State Capitol in Sacramento to advocate for their vision of a fair budget for Californians.

The updated state budget as of May 10 reduces one-time spending by $19.1 billion and ongoing spending by $13.7 billion until 2025-26. 


Napa County members ratify strong new contract

SEIU 1021 members working for Napa County ratified a new contract by 92%. Votes were tallied June 3.

The contract, effective from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2027, includes a total 11% wage increase and winter recess. Employees will receive base wage increases of 4% in year 1, 3.5% in year 2, and 3.5% in year 3.

Additionally, a winter recess period has been established, with employees receiving 32 hours of winter paid time off annually. 


Alameda Health System members vote 99.5% to strike!

After months of bargaining and numerous unfair labor practices from Alameda Health System management, SEIU 1021 members have voted overwhelmingly to authorize their bargaining team to call a strike. 99.5% voted to strike.

Veronica Palacios, who serves as the AHS chapter president, said, “Our members have spoken, and they’ve spoken loudly. We’re frontline healthcare workers, and we’re trying to serve our community. However, we have to deal with unfair labor practices from management every single day.


San Francisco Citywide members ratify strong contract by 91%
In the face of a big budget deficit, members' unity and participation made all the difference

With strong turnout, SEIU 1021 members in the San Francisco Citywide (“Miscellaneous”) bargaining unit voted by 91% to ratify the new three-year agreement won through a fierce contract campaign this year.

Members voted throughout the month of May, and votes were counted at the San Francisco union hall on May 30.


SEIU elects April Verrett as the union’s first Black international president at the quadrennial convention in Philadelphia
In a historic vote, members also elect former SEIU 1021 President Joseph Bryant as executive vice president and SEIU 1021 President Theresa Rutherford into the SEIU International Executive Board.

SEIU members made history on May 20 by electing April Verrett as international president, making her the first Black woman to lead the union in our 103-year history. Verrett previously served as secretary-treasurer alongside former Mary Kay Henry, who stepped down as international president after an influential 14-year tenure.

Over 3,500 SEIU members from across the country, Puerto Rico, and Canada participated in the vote held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center during the union’s first in-person convention in eight years.