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Courts Workers Storm Sacramento

On Tuesday, May 14, court workers from throughout the state met with fellow SEIU members to talk to elected officials about the need to continue to devote funds to courts most in need. Court workers encouraged elected officials to make sure those who interact with the courts obtain fair, equitable, and timely access to services. To do this, elected officials must invest in court hours, staff adequately, and provide reasonable pay to retain dedicated, experienced workers.
Sandy Walden, a court reporter at Contra Costa Courts explained why she and her coworkers decided to come to Sacramento to speak directly to legislators, “Elected officials need to hear directly from us and the issues that confront us everyday. They need to see and hear the people whose lives they impact with the policies they pass or deny.”
Workers also spoke to elected officials and their staff about closing the pay gap in the trial court industry. Court reporters provide a necessary service to our judicial system, maintaining not only the record, but the sanctity of court proceedings. Court Reporters, which consists of a predominantly female workforce, have not received an increase in their statutorily set transcript rate in 30 years. It is time to close the gender pay gap.



Friday, January 15: Join a Car Caravan to Support Striking Fast Food Workers

Fight for Fifteen Car Caravans: Friday, January 15, 2021.

In solidarity with fast-food workers across the nation who are fighting for a $15 minimum wage and a union, our local will be joining the nationwide strike at fast food locations in both Oakland and Sacramento on Friday, January 15. During the pandemic, fast-food corporations have prospered because frontline workers reported to duty despite being denied basic protections from PPE to paid sick leave. The pandemic has only underscored the urgent need for fast-food workers in the state to have a union.


Marin Municipal Water District workers secure a new contract

This month, our members at Marin Municipal Water District overwhelmingly ratified our next contract. Workers were able to secure this agreement because of our strong membership numbers and because we speak with one voice as a union in our political engagement with elected leaders and also with managers at our worksite.


Dominican University adjuncts secure massive settlement for workers during difficult times

SEIU 1021 members at Dominican University recently showcased the power of our union, as they were able to secure a settlement totaling around $750,000 for their members during recent negotiations.

Adjunct faculty at the university were negotiating their second contract as members of SEIU 1021, having joined our union in early 2015. Adjunct professors often have considerable less security than tenured, full-time faculty, making the power of a union essential in their fights for improved wages and benefits.


After a successful strike, new management comes to Alameda Health System
CEO out, SEIU 1021 member in as a Trustee

Workers at Alameda Health System, the county’s safety-net healthcare system, have been fighting for better care, better management, and a fair contract. After their successful five-day unfair labor practice strike in early October, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors stepped in and demanded that the AHS Board of Trustees resign. Last week, AHS CEO Delvecchio Finley gave the Board of Supervisors a letter of resignation, and today, SEIU 1021 Vice President of Organizing Jennifer Esteen, a psychiatric nurse at San Francisco General Hospital, will be sworn in as one of the new trustees.


Make A Difference – Volunteer Now!

TODAY IS THE DAY. Drop off your ballot ASAP, and help us talk to voters in battleground states! Now is the time to volunteer and get the word out.

Voters across California are turning out to vote in record numbers, but we can’t allow ourselves to become comfortable. We have to to everything in our power to deliver a democracy where everyone counts, without exceptions. 


After Historic Five-Day Unfair Labor Practice Strike by 3,000 Frontline Healthcare Workers, Alameda County’s Board of Supervisors Fires the Trustees Who Run the System
The Strike Was So Successful, the Bosses Got Fired

After a five-hour hearing on Tuesday, October 20, featuring statements from AHS management and many AHS workers, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted to demand the resignation of the current Alameda Health System Board of Trustees.

This is a huge step forward for the members’ fight for a fair contract and a public healthcare system that works for the community and its employees.


Historic Five Day ULP Strike Forces AHS Management to Back Down and Put Patients and Workers First

Healthcare workers at Alameda County’s safety-net hospital system, Alameda Health System, have been fighting for better patient care and safer conditions for workers for months. They have stood against the system’s mismanagement and underfunding and called for the removal of the unelected Board of Trustees and overmatched CEO Delvecchio Finley, so that the community can receive the healthcare it deserves and the workers don’t have to fight understaffing, constant PPE shortages, and layoffs that leave our whole community less safe.


“I’m afraid of what will happen to our patients if we don’t strike.”
More Than 3,000 Healthcare Workers Vote to Strike and Deliver 10-Day Notice of Unfair Labor Practice Strike to Alameda Health System

Healthcare workers united in SEIU 1021 announce an unfair labor practice strike, issuing 10-day notice to Alameda Health System on September 26, with a press conference at 1221 Oak St. in Oakland.

At issue are unfair labor practices, understaffing, health and safety issues for the patients and workers, and an unelected, unaccountable management team that is not providing adequate patient care for the community. 


Alameda Health System Members Say “Enough!” and Vote on Authorizing a Strike to Fix a Broken System and Protest Unfair Labor Practices

Alameda Health System is Alameda County’s safety-net public health system. It serves a mostly low-income community that is more than 70% Black and brown, and delivers more than 200,000 hours of patient care per year. As the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged our communities, with more than 20,000 cases and 350 tragic deaths in the county so far, the system has been stretched to the limit.


 Our 2020 Endorsements and Important Ballot Measures

This election is unlike any other. 1021 fights to make sure our voices are heard at the ballot box so that we can win on policies that benefit workers and our communities. This year, we have an added obligation to vote for candidates who will protect workers through a pandemic and for ballot measures that fund essential services through this economic crisis.

It is our duty as union members to stand up for our fellow workers and neighbors for workers’ justice. We do that by voting.


“This is an important bill”–Governor Newsom signs AB 736, Setting a Wage Floor for 20,000 Adjunct Faculty Members in California, Including More Than 500 SEIU 1021 Members

On Wednesday, September 9, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law AB 736, a bill that will now correctly classify adjunct faculty members as professional employees, making them exempt from state wage and hour laws. These adjunct faculty members will now be salaried employees, and their pay must be at least twice the state’s minimum wage for a 40-hour workweek.


Labor Day Op-ed from 1021 Pres. Joseph Bryant: “American businesses should be part of the solution by coming to the table with government and essential workers to ensure a recovery that benefits everybody.”

The following are excepts from SEIU 1021 President Joseph Bryant’s Labor Day op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

This Labor Day is unlike any other. We recognize that tens of millions of essential workers continue to risk their lives every day to fight this pandemic — feeding our families, caring for the sick and keeping our communities running. But properly honoring their contributions and their sacrifices will require more than one day of recognition; this moment requires action.


Joe Biden selects US Senator Kamala Harris as his VP running mate

Today, former Vice President and Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden announced that he has selected Kamala Harris, a US Senator from California, to be his running mate. Prior to being elected US Senator, Kamala Harris served at the District Attorney of San Francisco and the Attorney General of California.