SEIU 1021

Support unionizing Starbucks workers at a Sip-In this Friday!
Friday, July 21, 744 Irving St., SF, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Starbucks workers at San Francisco’s 9th & Irving store are following up their recent filing for a union election by hosting a “Sip-In” this Friday. The goal is to inform customers about their efforts to form a union and build support for their campaign.

Yvania Perez is a barista who has worked at that store for a year and a half. She supports the union drive there for many reasons, including, “This is already the third manager I’ve had here. The environment at work doesn’t feel stable. This job is something I depend on, and I need it be predictable. Having a union contract will help us, and will help everyone who works here after us.” 

“I’m hoping for a lot of folks to come out and support us on Friday. I see a lot of these customers every single day, and it would mean a lot to see them support us. This is a great time for unions across industries, with strikes in Hollywood and other coffee shops like Peet’s voting to unionize as well. I hope people see the action we’re taking, and get inspired to fight for better working conditions for themselves, because everyone deserves that!”