SEIU 1021

Info Picket: Noon on Thursday, March 30, 1221 Oak St., Oakland
To Win a Fair Contract, We Have To Act NOW


We’ve been bargaining with Alameda County for months, and have met with them dozens of times.

We’ve made progress and signed some Tentative Agreements (TAs) that will improve working conditions across the county, but management is still not making acceptable offers on our most important issues.

If we want a fair contract that honors our work, solves our staffing crisis, and keeps up with the rising costs of living across the Bay Area, we have to show management that our membership is united and ready to fight! We need every member to show up for a fair contract now!

First, join our Info Picket on Thursday to win a contract that includes:

  • A fair COLA
  • NO increased healthcare costs
  • Rewards for long-time County so we can retain skilled staff 
  • Enhanced telework options
  • A process to meet and confer around caseload standards to ensure reasonable workloads and high-quality services

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Second, mark your calendars for Strike School sessions in the third week of April (April 17 – 21)!

Get your questions answered and learn about how and why workers may need to go on strike to win a fair contract. It’s a great way to know your rights, protections, and responsibilities in a strike. We’ll have multiple convenient sessions across the County that week.