SEIU 1021

Solano Courts workers vote overwhelmingly to ratify a new contract


Superior Court of Solano County workers have voted to ratify their most recent agreement, after securing a number of significant victories for members at the Court.

Included in the new contract are a 6% raise after ratification, followed by a 3% raise in November of 2022. Members also won vacation cash out language, new pay differentials for court reporters that could go as high as 10% depending on the workers’ certification status, and more. 

Solano Court worker Dreighton Palacios had this to say:

“Members were happiest about the 9% raise because it’s the biggest raise they’ve had in a long time. Members who have excess vacation hours were happy for the opportunity to give hours back in exchange for money. There were so many things that made our team amazing, which made this contract successful. Our group’s communication was exemplary!  We had different views about certain things but still respected everyone’s opinions nonetheless. We spent countless hours outside of work researching other contracts, reading statutes, and round-tabling ideas that would benefit our unit as a whole. I was honored to work alongside such professional, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals. We encourage everyone to join the negotiating team for the experience. It gives members a better understanding of what goes on “behind the scenes”. I hope we continue to progress towards developing an amazing contract like we’ve seen from other counties. As long as we remain stronger together, we will always prevail!”


Effective first pay period following ratification employees shall receive a 6% increase to base wages
• November 12, 2022, employees shall receive a 3% increase
One Time Payments:
• $750 payment following the first pay period after ratification
• 2% of employee base salary made the second pay period after MOU is ratified (this means the 2% payment will take place after the 6% base salary increase)

Vacation Cash Out

Employees with at least 5 years of Court service may voluntarily cash out up to twenty (20) hours of accrued vacation leave once per fiscal year, so long as the employee will have a remaining balance of at least eighty (80) hours of vacation. Payment will be made in the second pay period of May 2022.


Columbus Day was replaced by California Native American Day which takes place on the 4th Friday in September.


Court’s Monthly Contribution Amounts 2022
• Employee only: $894
• Employee + 1: $1677 • Employee + 2 or more: $2086 Court’s Monthly Contribution Amounts 2023
• Employee only: $938
• Employee + 1: $1761
• Employee + 2 or more: $2191

Court Reporters

Real-time differential: 5% adjustment to base pay if uncertified, additional 5% (10% total) if certified.
License Fee: Full reimbursement of annual license Professional Development: $500 every fiscal year starting upon ratification to be used for expenses such as YesLaw, California Court Reporters Association dues, and other software and personal expenses.
• First payment upon ratification
• Then annually at the start of each fiscal year
• Employee must submit a vendor claim form to have this payment processed.


Commences upon ratification and expires on October 31, 2023

Joint Labor-Management Committee (JLM or LMC)

The committee will meet on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss issues affecting Court employees and solutions acceptable to both Court Management and Union members. Meetings can be canceled or rescheduled upon agreement.

Side Letters

• Emergency Paid Sick Leave:  Extension of the existing 80-hour bank provided in the last contract extension/side letter. Used EPSL will not be refreshed

Electronic Recording: Agreement to meet and discuss the use of Electronic Recorders in courtrooms where a Court Reporter is not present or available. A meeting will be scheduled, after ratification, at the Union’s request.

• Court Reporters – SB 170: Agreement to meet and confer on the issue of Court Reporter pay once the Judicial Council of California (JC) has made allocation decisions on the funding included in SB 170

Taco Truck: The Court has agreed to bring in a taco truck at the Fairfield and Vallejo locations in recognition of working during the COVID-19 pandemic and the inability of the Court to authorize traditional holiday parties. The union will establish a committee to work with court management on the selection of a vendor for each location and to develop a plan, which incorporates all COVID-19 regulations in place at the time of the event. Lunch expense will be kept at under $15 per person.