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SEIU Alameda County General Chapter Meeting Minutes


SEIU Alameda County General Chapter Meeting Minutes

1. Call to order. Meeting started at 6 p.m. Welcome and introductions given. Tina asked if anyone objected to having the meeting recorded. No objections voiced. Tina wanted to say thanks to all the members here on zoom meeting from the General Chapter departments which consist of ACERA, ACSO, Assessors, Auditor’s-Controller-Recorders, CDA, GSA, EHS, PH, Libraries, DCSS, PWA, Public Defenders, ROV, Treasurers Tax, and Zone 7. Tonight Stewards Cheryl Lott and Christine Lake are excused from the meeting.

2. COPE Update. On January 13 Pamela Price and JoAnn Walker announced their joint bid to unseat the incumbent Alameda County District Attorney and Sheriff. Pamela Price is running to unseat District Attorney Nancy O’Malley. JoAnn Walker who is a San Francisco police officer for 25 years is running to unseat Sheriff Gregory Ahern. In November David Haubert former Mayor of Dublin won the runoff for Scott Haggerty seat. In December the Local 1021 Budget and Finance Committee and Executive Board decided on the Union’s budget for next year.

3. Presidents Update. Thanks to all the members for all the work that we do. These have been trying times for all. We have members who are working remotely from home and members who are required to come into the office. The Public Health department has a great platform on Covid-19. If a member has any concerns, you can direct them there. We have to encourage our members to be proactive in utilizing all the resources available to them. Is everyone aware of the SEIU Mobile app? It offers trainings. resources, political action, and events. Let your fellow members know about the app. We need volunteers to help with the Election Committee. According to our By-laws we must hold and election in odd numbered years. Dave Gramlich is interested in helping. We need to check the By-laws to see if we can have a digital election or if it has to be by paper vote. More to come. There was a meet and confer over a new classification titled Detention Facility Lead Janitor. There will be a 10% increase of pay, 6 month probation for all janitor’s that will be reclassified to the new class. AB685 updated a new reporting rules for employers. Now the employer has to notify employees and the union when there is a positive covid case reported. This became effective Jan 1, 2021. The temperature scanners that were put in place at county building are not mandatory to use.

4. The vacation hard cap accruals extension due to Covid-19 was approved by the BOS. 

5. Hazard pay. Not discussed.

6. MOU. No new copies were printed due to Covid-19. If someone needs, it is online.

7. Staff Update. The grievance for the Environmental Health Services went broader than HR had originally told the investigator. They had to go back to HR twice to get more money to finish the investigation. In December the BOS approved the money. By the end of the month we should get a report.

8. Stewards council. Tina wants to address at the next meeting in March. Angela has wanted to do some trainings. Tina was thinking of having less items on the General Chapter agenda in order to hold a stewards council the same evening. We agreed to have a stewards council after the next chapter meeting in March.

Next months meeting for February 11, 2021 is cancelled.

Our next meeting will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. That will be on March 11, 2021.