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Save jobs and services in Alameda County: Volunteer to pass Measure W and Prop 15
Oct. 1, 2020


From the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, public workers in Alameda County have put our safety on the line to continue faithfully serving our community. We are the backbone of the County’s response to this pandemic, and responsible for saving countless lives. As the pandemic continues, we made it clear to the County  that we would not accept balancing the budget on our backs.

In July, we met with the County and they updated the County’s revenue shortfall projection from $121.6 million to $72.9 million based on monies received from the state and better sales tax revenue. While Congress debates federal funding for state and local public services in Washington, DC, here in Alameda County we are focused on passing ballot measures that will help close the deficit and will save county jobs and services.

If we are to prevent massive cuts, we must succeed in passing Measure W and Prop. 15. Measure W will bring $150 million a year for 10 years to fund public services and will help the most vulnerable in our communities. Prop. 15 will bring in millions for public services by closing a corporate property tax loophole and will fund our schools and communities.

That is why we are joining forces with unions throughout Alameda County to get out the vote for our endorsed ballot measures that will generate much needed revenue for the County on the November ballot. We are asking you to take political action with us to pass Measure W and Prop 15.

Will you commit to volunteering with your coworkers and fellow union members to get out the vote and pass ballot measures needed to secure future funding for services in Alameda County?

SEIU 1021 will be hosting virtual phonebanks that can be accessed from your own computer. Take the Pledge. Phone banking starts at 4:30pm on Tuesdays, but you can join whenever you are available.

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