SEIU 1021

San Joaquin County Public Works wins new boots


1021 Workers at the San Joaquin County Public Works Chapter know that a good pair of boots makes or breaks the job. The goal of the Department of Public Works is to provide quality service to the community and to enhance the public’s quality of life by protecting their investment in the County’s. As part of the bargaining process, the Public Works Chapter has continually fought for the highest-quality boots possible. Our members work in underground facilities, on roadways, across bridges, and in waste facilities. Now, after organizing for better footwear, the Public Works Chapter has won access to better, higher-quality boots.

Chris Leos, Public Works Highway Maintenance Worker, and Shop Steward, said the following on the material victory, “We know what’s best and deal with the day-to-day workings that our jobs require of us. The kind of environments we see ourselves in, be in solid waste facilities, landfills, levee systems, underground facilities, roads, or bridges, really point to the need for proper, high-quality protection, particularly with our feet. Getting high-quality boots, including reinforced toes, while not breaking the bank is vital for us at Public Works. In many ways, I see our victory in getting high-quality boots as akin to the fight for personal protective equipment (PPE). We are the ones who plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain the public roads, bridges, water, wastewater systems, flood control, and solid waste systems for San Joaquin County. In order for us to do our work, we need the right kind of gear and footwear for the job. This win speaks to the power of us being part of a union.”