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San Joaquin County Bargaining Team Updates
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Our contract with San Joaquin County expires on October 20, 2022. Below are the latest bargaining updates for the SEIU Local 1021 San Joaquin County chapter. The Bargaining Team’s job includes: Bargaining and making decisions at the negotiations table and working with the Contract Action Team to ensure strong activity at the worksites to support the bargaining.

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San Joaquin County Chapter Bargaining Team​

  • Chris Leos, Public Works
  • Mary Lopez, Department of Child Support Services
  • Stephanie Ware, Department of Child Support Services
  • Hector Guerrero, Downtown
  • Shaun Freeman, Downtown
  • Robert Lewis, Human Service Agency
  • Desiree Collins, Human Service Agency
  • Cassandra Burdick, Human Service Agency
  • Kenneth McCoy, Downtown
  • Eva Esqueda, San Joaquin General Hospital
  • Bobby Smith, Behavioral Health
  • Kari Turner, San Joaquin General Hospital
  • Jennifer Edwards, San Joaquin General Hospital
  • Cassandra Blake, San Joaquin General Hospital
  • Mark Hansen, Behavioral Health
  • Ryosuke Sakurai, Sheriff
  • Sarah Cooper Sheriff
  • Taffie Walter, Behavioral Health
  • Monique Baca, Behavioral Health
  • Paula Kaufmann, Human Service Agency
  • Vincent Villa, Downtown
  • Jeffery Dumlao, Human Service Agency
  • Connie Layman, Human Service Agency
  • Carlos Mendoza, Behavioral Health
  • Sabrina Lott, San Joaquin General Hospital
  • Amanda Garcia, Sheriff

Bargaining Update #1 – May 18, 2022

We met with San Joaquin County management for the first session, where we went over ground rules, including release time for the bargaining team and dates for final new proposals. During our discussion, we went over the nine classifications whose entry step or A step falls below the current state minimum wage. Management indicated that no employees are placed at that step. We conveyed that the A step needs to be adjusted, increasing each subsequent step for that classification and impacting the remainder of the series. We scheduled all of our bargaining sessions with management through the contract’s expiration on October 20, 2022. In total, there are seventeen sessions.

Discussing with management around wages, we proposed that we settle across-the-board cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increases first before moving on to other issues. County management seemed amenable to that proposal. We are asking for a fifteen-percent raise per year over three years. Several classifications are behind. The three-year proposal will bring the classes up so that the equity survey will look better than it does now in three years. The proposal will help with recruitment and retention, an issue created by the County’s austerity during bargaining over the last decade.

The next bargaining session is on June 1. We will meet with management every two weeks through July. Beginning in August, we will meet every week until the expiration date.

If we rise together, unite, and bring as many non-members into Local 1021, we can win higher wages, better benefits, and safer workplace conditions.

The SEIU Local 1021 San Joaquin County Bargaining Team approved the following proposal:

Proposal from SEIU 1021 to San Joaquin County All MOU’s:

4. Compensation

4.1 Salaries

Effective October 21, 2022 all employees shall receive a Cost of Living Adjustment of 15% of base salary.

Effective July 1, 2023 all employees shall receive a Cost of Living Adjustment of 15% of base salary.

Effective July 1, 2024 all employees shall receive a Cost of Living Adjustment of 15% of base salary.

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Print out Bargaining Update #1 here.

Bargaining Update #2 – June 1, 2022

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, we returned to the bargaining table with San Joaquin County management. We focused on Section 2.9 and the use of 41 hours to get the County contribution for our medical benefits. We asked, “can an employee on approved leave elect to pay their portion with a check instead of using banked hours? Will a part-time employee who gets medical benefits and goes off on an approved leave still maintain their benefits if they make their portion of the payment per the contract?” Management says that we will have responses on June 15, when the Benefits Manager will be in attendance.

We discussed the Juvenile Detention workers to address pay with the increased dangers and responsibility we now have due to changed incarceration laws. We have agreed to address that at a side table with members of the Hall at the table.

We inquired about the disparity in the salary scale for the Communications Dispatchers. There is an 18 percent spread between the I and II classifications, an 8 percent spread between II and III classifications, and an 18 percent spread between the III and IV classifications. Management informs us there should be an answer at the next session.

We received seven proposals from management today and agreed to four of them. The seven received were:

  1. Sick Leave accrual - language clean-up that takes out the granting of sick leave is a privilege;
  2. Pregnancy Disability Leave - now includes part-time workers;
  3. Personal Leave of Absence - leaves over 30 days to be approved by the HR Director;
  4. Catastrophic Leave, Treatment of Donated Time - removes the cap on time used for family leave;
  5. Discrimination in Employment - aligns with state and federal laws;
  6. Military Leave - expands banking options for service members;
  7. Child Related Activities - expands licensed daycare in addition to traditional schools;

We agreed on sick leave accrual, pregnancy disability leave, personal leave of absence, and catastrophic leave.

We reiterated to management that we are serious about our financial proposal. Management responded that they would hopefully have an initial response on June 15.

Our following two bargaining dates are June 15 and June 30. June 30 is also the date that all new proposals must be submitted.

If you are not receiving email or text updates from your union or have opted out, contact your field representative or call the Member Resource Center (MRC) to be added to the list. The MRC is available from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm @ 1-877-687-1021. We will not send bargaining updates to work emails.

Print out Bargaining Update #2 here.

Bargaining Update #3 – June 15, 2022

On June 15, 2022, the SEIU 1021 San Joaquin County Bargaining Team met with management. Several proposals were exchanged.

We made the following proposals:

  • SEIU 1021 Executive Board release time for 14 days per member per calendar year;
  • Medical coverage for part-time employees: Non-Healthcare Professionals replace the word “mandatory” with “optional.” That is plan C coverage for part-time workers who work a 50-hour-per-pay-period average;
  • Continuation of Insurance Benefits While on Leave of Absence—aka the 41-hour rule: Our position is that we do not have to use 41 hours per pay period to get the County contribution to our medical benefits. We just have to make our payment for our share;
  • Sick Leave Usage: part-time employees can accrue up to 10 days per year and use the time in 15-minute increments;
  • Regular Holiday Compensation: standardize the language for all contracts, giving more flexibility for accruing holiday time when the office is closed;
  • Floating Holidays: eliminate flexible holidays so that all employees, including part-time employees, get floating holidays;
  • Bereavement Leave: expand family-member eligibility for bereavement usage;
  • Overtime: part-time employees earn overtime after 8 hours worked in a shift, not the current 12;
  • Jury Duty: expand to part-time workers the ability to be paid for attending or serving jury duty;
  • Part-time step increase: changes that part-time employees earn step increases every 2,080 hours from the first date of hire up until they reach the top step of their specific salary scale;
  • Rain Gear: Any member at the Sheriff’s Office will get rain gear if required to work in inclement weather;
  • Part-Time employee serious discipline appeal: changes process to a hearing with an appeal to HR director if not followed correctly.

San Joaquin County management made the following proposals:

  • Title change for section 1 management rights;
  • Another proposal on 1.4.1: ADA and FEHA re-adding in the 10-day management response deadline;
  • Deleting the sick leave abuse section of the contract;
  • Clarifying language on Continuing Education Leave
  • Personal Medical Leave: clarifying language on who can provide approvals.
  • Catastrophic Leave: clarifying language
  • Leaves for Civil Service Exams and interviews: time off with pay, including part-time employees.
  • Re-employment or reinstatement leave accruals rates and pay: the restoration of sick leave time, accrual of vacation at the level when left the County previously.
  • Salaries: 44-month term raises of 4%, 3%, 2%, and no raise in the 4th year. We questioned this, and they informed us we could counter with an amount;
    • We countered with 44-month contract with 12%, 11%, 10%, 9%;
  • Shift differential: incorporating the Clinical Lab tech amount into the Professional Contract.
  • Stand By Pay: incorporating the OR Tech series in the Para Professional Contract;
  • lntake and Assessment Supplement: eliminates the management requirement of an authored memorandum to get the supplement. If you do the work, you get the supplement;
  • Bi-Lingual: eliminates the two levels. All employees who qualify will get the $0.82 cents an hour level. (we will make a counter-proposal);
  • Call back overtime: would clarify payment status per call (we will discuss this with management more at future sessions) and add a section for those on callback which do not have to leave their homes to do their call back work;
  • Job sharing: grandfather in the four workers who currently participate in job share and eliminate any future job-sharing opportunities;
  • Part-time step increases: the county proposal is extremely close to the union proposal;
  • Underfilling: clarifies the correct and updated titles which can perform the underfilling for the EW worker series;
  • Part-time employment: health care professionals – clarifying language for Section 7 part-time workers with benefits;
  • Compliance with part-time/temporary definitions: eliminates outdated language/dates.

Our following two bargaining dates are Thursday, June 30, and Wednesday, July 13. July 13 is also the date that all new proposals must be submitted.

If you are not receiving email or text updates from your union or have opted out, contact your field representative or call the Member Resource Center (MRC) to be added to the list. The MRC is available from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm @ 1-877-687-1021. We will not send bargaining updates to work emails.

Print out Bargaining Update #3 here.

Bargaining Update #4 – June 30, 2022

At our fourth bargaining session with county management, we asked for clarification on management using contract employees at the landfills. We offered to management that if they changed the starting pay to that of the Highway Maintenance Worker I, they would have a more successful rate of filling those positions.

We brought up that the same contract agency was still supplying workers at the Hospital when we were told that this would be lessening or going away. Management told us that they would look into it.

We asked about underfilling. We pointed out that if a Senior Office Assistant underfilled for a Collection Clerk, it would be considered a promotion, and we would ask for above-class pay.

Our position on the 41-hour rule is that management cannot demand an employee who is on an approved leave from the county be made to use 41 hours if they do not have it and pay for their benefits portion ahead of time as in the contract (2 weeks prior) is sufficient. The county’s concern is that someone could be on leave long-term (over one year), make their contribution, and get full medical benefits while not working. We will continue to explore solutions to this with the county.

We will make proposals to protect those still doing job share—more details to come.

We maintain that each call back should be a separate 3 hours and that minute increments for those who can handle the issue from home be in 15-minute increments. The county was open to a counter-proposal from us.

We passed proposals for Juneteenth and Cesar Chavez Day to be recognized as holidays.

We also passed a proposal around work site closure to ensure that all impacted workers receive Admin pay while a site is closed.

We also gave an updated Executive Board release time proposal to the county.

Management proposed medical benefits for both full and part-time workers. We have to go through that proposal and have not taken any positions on it. The same applies to management’s proposal around flexible schedules.

Management also proposed sick-leave usage, which impacts our part-time workers. If a part-time worker uses sick leave, they have to use a minimum of 2 hours. We have proposed that it be lowered to 15-minute increments. Management countered with 1 hour. We will be making further counter-proposals.

Our next bargaining date is Wednesday, July 13, when management will submit their next financial proposal. All new proposals will have to be made on that date.

If you are not receiving email or text updates from your union or have opted out, contact your field representative or call the Member Resource Center (MRC) to be added to the list. The MRC is available from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm @ 1-877-687-1021. We will not send bargaining updates to work emails.

Print out Bargaining Update #4 here.

Bargaining Update #5 – July 13, 2022

Coming into the fifth bargaining session, the management of San Joaquin County and your bargaining team for the SEIU 1021 San Joaquin County Chapter exchanged the final list of all new proposals.

We made the following proposals to management:

  • 7% minimal spread for Supervisors over those they supervise;
  • Supplemental pay for dangerous working conditions at Mary Graham Children’s Shelter;
  • Supplemental pay for those employees who cannot work remotely during a pandemic or epidemic;
  • 80-hour separate leave bank for any future pandemics or epidemics;
  • Mandatory step advancement should the County hire someone into your classification at a step above you;
  • Moving all entry-level salary steps to match or exceed the minimum wage when the minimum wage increases;
  • The ability to telework up to 3 days per week;
  • Part-time workers to be paid for holidays if where they work is closed on the holiday;
  • A supplemental for those workers in Human Services who work in the Court Unit;
  • Expanding the Behavioral Health Supplement to include members of the Office and Office Technical Unit;
  • Longevity pay for 15 years at 1% and 20 years at 2%;
  • Supplemental pay for Communications Dispatchers who hold a POST certificate;
  • Increasing the parking supplement for Downtown workers;
  • Supplemental pay for workers at the jail who supervise or work with inmates;
  • Expanding who receives supplemental pay when working inside the Medical Guarded Unit or Special Care Clinic at San Joaquin General Hospital;
  • Expanding the areas that Crafts Workers/Electricians/Office Building Engineers and Housekeeping Service Workers receive supplemental pay for working in;
  • Uniform allowance payable in a lump sum for workers at the jail in the amounts of $600 per year;
  • Uniform allowance for those at the Hospital or any Health Care Services facility that have to wear scrubs;
  • Increasing boot reimbursement for those wearing specialized boots for their jobs, including members in the Supervisors and Professional unit in the allowance.

Management gave proposals around the following:

  • A placeholder proposal for uniforms and boot allowances for Public Works, General Services, Ag Commissioners office, Office of the Medical Examiner, and the Airport;
  • Clarifying the order of call-off at the Hospital in case there is a need for Furloughs;
  • Clarifying language for retirement compensation for those hired after January 1, 2022 (base pay only compensable);
  • Underfilling- clarifying who can underfill for the Eligibility Worker I classification;
  • Worksite closure – who receives payment and how;
  • Including the Social Worker Supervisor I in the Intake and Assessment Supplement at Human Services Agency;
  • Clarifying language around leaves from employment, including paid leaves, protected leaves, and leaves where an employee still has time on the books;
  • Counter proposal on SEIU Executive Board release time.

For wages, county management counter offered us the following:

  • 4% in the first year;
  • 3% in the second year;
  • 2% in the third year (all of these amounts were the same as the original proposal);
  • 2% in the final eight months of the proposed 44-month contract—an increase of 2% over the original proposal.

We countered with:

  • 12% beginning October 21, 2022;
  • 11% beginning July 1, 2023 (10 and half months after the first raise);
  • 10% beginning July 1, 2024;
  • 7% beginning July 1, 2025;
  • Contract expires on June 30, 2026;
  • Length of contract: 44 months.

We want to emphasize that your bargaining team will match management at this stage on wages. While management offered two percent in the fourth and final year, we went down two percent in year four. As previously proposed, all other amounts remain the same.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 27. Beginning in August, we will move to bargain once a week with management until the current contract expires on October 20, 2022.

If you are not receiving email or text updates from your union or have opted out, contact your field representative, sign up here, or call the Member Resource Center (MRC) to be added to the list. The MRC is available from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm @ 1-877-687-1021. We will not send bargaining updates to work emails.

 Download/view Bargaining Update #5.

Bargaining Update #6 – July 27, 2022

With our sixth bargaining session with county management, we passed six counter proposals across the table, including:​

  • Step increases for part-time workers: Step increases should occur every 2,080 hours (equivalent to 1 year of full-time work). The current contract language makes part-time workers ineligible if they are taken off the payroll. We propose eliminating that language;
  • Standby pay: The rate should increase from 20% to 25%, as written in the County Ordinance. This proposal will not impact the side letter between county management and us regarding the Operating Room Technicians at the hospital;
  • Shift Differential: We countered by increasing the PM shift differential and split shifts from $1.15 per hour to $ 2 per hour, the night shift differential from $1.45 to $3 per hour, and an added $1 per hour for the weekend differential; 
  • Sick leave for part-time employees: We countered for part-time workers to accrue nine days per year of sick time, up from the current six days;
  • Bilingual pay: We proposed 0.50 cents per hour compensation for any employee asked to use a bilingual skill. For those certified as bilingual, we propose raising the rate from 0.82 cents an hour to $1 per hour;
  • Executive Board release time: We counter-proposed 13 days per year of release time per Executive Board member.

County management made the following counter proposals:

  • Bereavement leave: Clarification around the definition of family, including which members. We plan to counter-propose, yet we feel we’re close;
  • Education leave: Management added some of our recommendations. We plan to look more closely at the updated language;
  • Holidays: Management agrees with us, granting floating holidays to all employees and doing away with flexible holidays. Management proposed that holidays falling on Saturdays be recognized on the preceding Friday and close all offices. Management discussed recognizing Cesar Chavez Day and Juneteenth as holidays, thus reducing the floating holidays by 2, or having Juneteenth recognized the same way as Cesar Chavez Day is currently— an employee must have accrued time to request off. The Bargaining Team is not fond of either option and will work on a counter-proposal. 

We secured a few tentative agreements having to do with contract language cleanup. Those tentative agreements are available here.

Moving forward, we plan to bargain with county management every Wednesday until the contract expires on Thursday, October 20, 2022. Management will have its next financial proposal ready for us next Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

If you are not receiving email or text updates from your union or have opted out, contact your field representative, sign up here, or call the Member Resource Center (MRC) to be added to the list. The MRC is available from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm @ 1-877-687-1021. We will not send bargaining updates to work emails.

Download/view Bargaining Update #6.

Bargaining Update #7 – August 10, 2022

At our seventh bargaining session with county management, we submitted the following counter-proposals:

  • Bereavement leave: We countered management’s proposal by adding aunt, uncle, niece, and nephew and extending the allowed time to utilize the benefit from 30 days to 60 days if gatherings cannot occur due to health-related reasons.
  • Health care benefits: If the county Kaiser Permanente plan was eliminated, we countered a contract reopening to negotiate new premium splits. Currently, the employer pays 80%, while the employee pays 20%. Although the county has not indicated any interest in eliminating the Kaiser plan, we feel as if creating safeguards, in the case at some point they do, to protect the membership. 

County management made a series of counter-proposals, including the following:

  • Holidays: Management proposed that any holiday falling on a Saturday the Friday prior would be considered the holiday, and all non-24-hour facilities would close. The proposal would only impact workers in non-24-hour facilities. Management also wants to insert into the contract that the maximum value of a holiday is 8 hours. We will make a counter-proposal based on the schedules of different workers.
  • Continuation of benefits while on leave of absence: Management spelled out protected leaves, the benefits versus unprotected leaves, and the amount of time needed to get the county contribution to premiums. Management remains on 41 hours that need to be used but is open to a counter-proposal.
  • Uniform allowances: There was a counter that cleans up outdated language and adds shirts to specific classes—the Juvenile Justice Center and Airport—but does not add funds for those who have to buy their uniforms. We will counter-propose that.
  • Boot reimbursement: There was an agreement to increase the reimbursement amount. However, we feel the process takes too long and will counter with it becoming an allowance. We also think that certain classifications have been omitted from the reimbursement.
  • Rain gear: That would apply to employees working in inclement weather. Management omitted the Department of Public Works in the Supervisors unit. We will make a counter to address that.
  • Alternative work schedules: Management said offering different schedules are needed to help with recruitment and retention and indicated that new school start times would make flexibility in start and end times necessary. Management is open to agreeing on teleworking but needs to ensure that it’s not too restrictive for some departments. We think a teleworking policy will improve scheduling flexibility conditions for our members and plan to work with county management on a fair policy.
  • Floating holidays: Management agreed to move all employees to floating holidays and eliminate flexible holidays. We need to come up with a date of implementation. If you have flexible holiday time in the bank, plan to use it by the end of the year.
  • Floating holiday observance: Language clean-up. See proposals here.
  • Regular holiday compensation: Management agreed to standardize language across all 6 of our contracts by removing the hours’ barrier for part-time workers to be paid holiday pay for working on a holiday.
  • SEIU 1021 Executive Board release time: Management agrees to grant 13 days per year per Executive Board member, marking an increase from previous contracts.
  • Sick leave usage for part-time employees: Management proposed changing the minimum time from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

On wages, county management proposed 5% upon ratification, 4% for the second year, 2% for the third year, and 2% for the fourth and final year. Management proposes a 44-month contract, returning us to a June 30 expiration date.

We countered with 11% for year one, 11% for year two, 10% for year three, and 7% for year four.

Management conveyed that they have a little more movement on wages but are not yet close to what we propose.

Management conceptually agreed to increase the downtown parking stipend as part of their wage proposal.

In addition, management conceptually also agreed as part of their wages proposal supplements for: Behavioral Health Services, Mary Graham’s Children’s Shelter, jail workers who supervise inmates, Mental Health Clinicians, Dental Assistants in Correctional Health, workers in the County Auditor-Controller office who hold a CIA certificate, Weights and Measures and Ag Commission office who hold a Class Band Class A licenses, employees assigned to Field Training officer positions, park worker holding a class-A license, employees in the probation department who are required to carry a firearm. We also got expanding supplements for Medical Guarded Unit and Special Care Clinic.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

Download/view Bargaining Update #7.