SEIU 1021

Delays, Disrespect, & Disappointment
Bargaining Update for Dec. 1, 2021


Your elected bargaining team has met multiple times with management: the court reporters six times and the general unit five times. Our team has made common-sense proposals that will improve wages and working conditions and expand our ability to fulfill the Court’s mission of bringing justice to the community. Management’s response has been completely inadequate, including multiple attacks on our union rights.

So far, management’s proposals include:

  • NO economic proposals to increase any form of employee compensation (wages or benefits)
  • Removing binding arbitration, making arbitration advisory only and leaving the final decision with the CEO
  • Eliminating voluntary transfers within the Court, taking away our ability to request internal transfers
  • Taking away the soft vacation cap, costing us vacation time the second we hit the cap
  • Pushing the Thanksgiving week payday from the Wednesday before to the Friday after (because who needs their check before a big holiday?)
  • Demanding a doctor’s note for any and all sick leave use
  • Imposing anti-family proposals that make workers use sick time when sick, injured, or pregnant, instead of vacation or unpaid leave
  • Stripping our right to go on sympathy strike with fellow workers

We need everyone to get involved: management has to see that we’re sticking together. Shirts are on their way, and wear your buttons every day!