SEIU 1021

Alameda County Meeting minutes
September 9, 2019


1. 6pm Call to order.

a. Welcome and introductions made

b. Christine Lake and Georgia Schreiber excused for this meeting.

c. Reading minutes from August meeting. Minutes approved with correction of to attendance list made.

2. Presidents Update: There was a Labor Day Picnic at Snow Park Lake Merritt. It was sponsored by the Alameda Labor Council. The Fire Fighters provided the food. Everyone was welcome.Meet the Vice Mayor for Dublin Melissa Hernandez. She is running for Scott Haggerty seat on the BOS. There will be interviews on September 16 for Scott Haggerty seat. There are 4 interviews scheduled. On September 14 there will be a Regional Leadership Retreat at Laney College. There is still time to register. This is the first retreat in 10 years. There are classification issues in Financial Services. We will be asking for a meet and confer on August 28. Blake, Celina and Tina meet with Environmental Health members 8-10 members came together to talk about issues that were happening at their work place and see what kind of grievance to file. They were asked to write up statements. So far only 4 members have done so.

3. There will be a work site meeting on September 25 from 12-2pm at the Clerk Recorders office. If you want to set up a worksite meeting, please contact your shop steward to make arrangements.

4. Tina will have a meeting with the Budget and Finance Committee on Chapter Funds on September 20, 2019. Each Chapter is supposed to have funds available to use. We hope to have the funds by the end of the year.

5. COPE. There were interviews for the Board of Supervisors. Nate Miley and Keith Carson went well. Some issues came up about the Eastmont facility. Nate talked with the members and helped to facilitate repairs that were needed The Union is issuing a challenge to get more members signed up for COPE. Our union dues are not allowed to be used for political purposes, so we need more members to be COPE members as well.

6. Staff Update. We have had a meet and confer on spec changes for Legal Secretary. They are collapsing the whole series and changing the name to Secretary Technician. There are also title changes to ACDCSS department. In Zone 7, they want to create an apprentice position. To train young people to the work and to help replace the ones retiring. This would be a paid program. Train and then get the job. SEIU is on board with this. Hoping people from the community apply. There are some issues in the Assessors office. At PWA there is an issue is intimidation and bullying from the supervisor who yells, screams and curses at our members. Tina filed a grievance on mutual respect and abusive prevention conduct. The BOS needs to know that the supervisors are violating this policy and that they are given no re-percussions for them. Angela wants the stewards to go before the BOS and do a presentation about the violation happening.

7. Open discussion. ACERA elections are coming up. The ballots will be mailed out on November 14th. Rhian Pierce-Jones is running for the board. Zone 7 water agency for Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton areas. They discovered that their short notice pay is not considered not pensionable. It was in the past. Due to some new accounting regulations called Pension Reform Rule of 2014 this got changed and was not discovered until a few years ago.This has lead to members being shorted on the service time they thought they had on the books. There are 18 member impacted by this. The Zone 7 treasurer is in contact with the County and Acera trying to fix this issue. They have been trying to find a solution for the past 2 years. Angela is hoping to talk to the Union lawyers and help solve this issue.

7:15 meeting adjourned

In Attendance. Tina Tapia, Angela Osayande, Rhian Pierce-Jones, Mike Ranga, Susan Lumpkin, Cheryl Lott, Dave Gramlich, John Brixie, Agnes Wu, Elizabeth Raphael, Willie Norris, Sergio Mendoza, Celina Guerra-Martinez, Andrea Moses, Camille Craft.