SEIU 1021

Alameda County Meeting minutes
April 11, 2019


SEIU General Chapter Meeting April 11, 2019

1. Call to order. Meeting starting at 6pm. Welcome and introductions given. Review of 3/14/19 minutes. Tina stating that minutes are posted on the SEIU website. Tina asking for approval of the minutes. Brenda asked for approval. Tina asking for any objections. No objections stated, so minutes approved with no changes.

2. Worksite meetings. Meetings have been taking place around the county to talk about the tentative agreement that was reached with the county for our contract extension. The feedback from the members has been mostly good. We will be voting the week of April 15-18. The vote count will take place at 5:30pm on April 18 at the 100 Oak Street office. There was another email sent out from Santa Rita to another area advising members to vote no on the extension. At Santa Rita the atmosphere about the vote is split. Members are still upset about some previous issues that happened during the last negotiations for the contract. Tina did mention that there are ways to help work around those issues. One is having LMT (Labor Management Team) to talk through issues and come up with workable solutions. The LMT was negotiated for them in our current contract.

3. Updates. Two new stewards were sworn in tonight. Dave Gramlich from the Assessor’s Office and Andrea Moses from Public Health FHS. Tina has also sent out two petitions to Santa Rita for members Claudia Topete, and Calista Brooks to get signatures and become stewards in the near future. More members are taking the training to become stewards Suggestions came from Santa Rita members to hold a general chapter meeting out that way at the OES building so they would be able to attend. We will discuss at the next chapter meeting to work out the details on getting a date and room scheduled for a meeting. We have tried having meeting at other locations in the past, but only had limited number of members show up.

4. Elections for the chapter nomination forms were mailed out to our homes recently.

5. COPE. The City of Alameda held a special election with two measures they voted on recently A & B. Measure A (Caring Alameda Act )barely passed and Measure B (Initiative Measure ) was turned down. Alameda BOS will be having a meeting to explore the Child Care Ballet for the March 3rd primary in 2020. If anyone is interested in helping with COPE, please let Tina know. The City of Hayward passed an ordinance to expand the just-cause eviction protections to almost every tenant in the city.

6. Staff Updates. Blake – Alameda County has gotten good raises for out contract period. We are getting a total of 24% over our 7 year contract. Other counties like San Francisco and Contra Costa County have only gotten 10%. There is a meet and confer for health care for the homeless. The staff will be moving to a new location. Hoping to get more staff out of the meet and confer. The county wants the staff to go out to the camps to help the homeless. The nurses are going through a restructure. We are currently going through the documents. 40 members will be moved around. 1000 Broadway Public Health is moving to Creekside. The landlord of the property wants more rent. Keith Carson has opened a website for people to ask questions. Angela - There was a meet and confer with GSA. Good outcome for issue with Santa Rita janitors. They now have radios to communicate. Before they only had their cell phones to use is something happen or if they got locked in a hallway. The cell phones do not work well out at that facility. All locked facilities will now be getting radios. The janitors who clean the floor are now getting better equipment to do their job. And they are now required to have two staff members working together. The equipment has already started to arrive. There was a meet and confer with the gardeners and downtown janitors about picking up human waste.

7. Next meeting will be held on May 9th at 100 Oak Street office.

Meeting adjourned at 6:53 pm In Attendance Tina Tapia, Angela Osayande, Blake Huntsman, Phillip Brown, Sergio Mendoza, Agnes Wu, Brenda Parish, Mike Ranga, Andrea Moses, Dave Gramlich, Crystal Scott, Celina GuerraMartinez, Susan Lumpkin, and Leslie Paige via zoom

Notes available as PDF attachment