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Yuba City Starbucks workers win union election
The store is the 30th unionized location in the state

Yuba City Starbucks employees who have successfully voted to unionize

On Friday, November 17, Starbucks workers at the Highway 20 and Tharp store in Yuba City, CA, successfully voted to form a union by a vote of 12-5. This union victory marks the thirtieth store to unionize in California.

“It’s so exciting to get to this moment our baristas have been working towards and be able to make our voices heard,” said JJ Dizon, a seven-year partner at the newly unionized Starbucks. “We’re extremely proud of and inspired by the solidarity with workers across the country. We’re hopeful that Starbucks will back up their core values by bargaining with the union for fair conditions for all baristas.”

These newly unionized Starbucks workers are joining a nationwide movement of over 9,000 baristas organizing for better working conditions, fair wages, and consistent schedules.

Starbucks has launched a ruthless union-busting campaign against their workers. In response, administrative law judges have issued 37 decisions finding that Starbucks has committed more than 300 federal labor law violations – these federal labor law violations include refusing to bargain and 36 unlawful firings. The National Labor Relations Board has issued more than 67 additional complaints against Starbucks, encompassing about 200 charges.

Since December 2021, over 360 Starbucks stores in 41 states and the District of Columbia have successfully unionized – more than any company in the 21st century.