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Unionized Starbucks workers celebrate Pride

Unionized Starbucks workers and their allies celebrating pride at a store in Antioch, CA

Thursday, June 27, a dozen unionized baristas and cashiers celebrated Pride at the Starbucks on Davison Drive and Deer Valley Road in Antioch, CA.

“Working for a multi-billion dollar corporation, I unionized because we deserve to have a say when it comes to our pay and staffing levels,” said Jasper Fontaine, a shift supervisor. “We’re having a sip-in to celebrate Pride because many of us are queer, and we want to create a welcoming environment both to queer Starbucks partners and to queer Starbucks customers. The union is inclusive.”

These unionized Antioch Starbucks employees — joined by SEIU 1021 Vice President of Organizing Brandon Dawkins, SEIU 1021 organizing staff, allies from the Contra Costa Labor Council, and Starbucks workers from surrounding stores — ordered drinks under names such as “Union Strong” and “Union Yes.” They gathered at a table to hand out Starbucks Workers United-branded merchandise, create crafts, and discuss how they will continue to build their movement.

They joined hundreds of unionized Starbucks workers at dozens of Starbucks stores in celebrating pride in June.

More than 400 Starbucks stores have unionized nationwide. Starbucks workers are currently in negotiations to bargain their first nationwide union contract.