SEIU 1021

As Tax Day Approaches, SEIU 1021 Members Call on Corporations to Pay Their Fair Share


Tax Day is April 18. The day is an opportunity for us to call on corporations to pay the taxes they owe. We live in the richest country on earth. We know we have the resources to provide good schools, affordable housing, and safe communities for everyone. Yet, we are two years into a global pandemic that has devastated communities of color, killed more than 900,000 people across our country, and deeply divided our communities, while corporations are reaping massive profits. Working people are fed up. We are coming together to say: Enough is enough!

In Oakland, a coalition of working people is pushing corporations to pay their fair share and sticking up for small businesses through the Invest in Our Oakland Act, which will provide relief for small businesses and restore the fully funded services our neighborhoods need.

Felipe Cuevas, president of the City of Oakland chapter, says, “It’s funny: when I speak to Oakland residents, they all get why we pay taxes. By paying our taxes, we fund needed services, whether it’s picking up trash outside those new highrises uptown, or building new infrastructure, seeing to public safety, cleaning up our parks, or other vital purposes. Somehow, though, some corporations don’t see that they benefit from those services like everybody else, and act like they don’t have to pay like everybody else. It’s time to let them know that if they want to reap the benefits of doing business in Oakland, they have to take the responsibility of being part of the community and pay their fair share. When our public services are properly funded, everybody benefits.”

To support the new Act, please join the City of Oakland Rules Committee meeting on Thursday, April 21, at 10 a.m. Call (669) 900-6833 and enter Meeting ID: 875 2953 1780 or join by Zoom at the following link: