SEIU 1021

Stand With Santa Clara University Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers


Fall classes at Santa Clara University (SCU) start this week, and faculty and students are ramping up their organizing efforts. They’re urging Father Engh, the president of Santa Clara University, and the Board of Trustees to reverse their decision denying faculty a free and fair process to unionize.

By refusing to partner with faculty, Father Engh is denying them a voice and a fair process which has the potential to benefit the adjunct professors and lecturers, their students, and the entire Santa Clara community. Stand with the SCU community and call on Father Engh and the Board of Trustees do the right thing, reverse their decision, and partner with adjunct faculty and lecturers to hold a neutral, in-house vote on unionization.
As Lt. Governor and SCU Alum Gavin Newsom said in regards to this issue, “This choice should be given to the workers, who will decide what is best for them, and we should all do our part to ensure a fair, open and thoughtful process.”
Join with Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, students, alumni, and members of the community to tell Father Engh and the Board of Trustees to let faculty vote and send a letter to the administration today: