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Speak out against toxic soot!
Sign up for SEIU's Climate Summit on April 15

Speak out against toxic soot!

Soot is a terrible burden on our most vulnerable members of our community: children, elders, and those already living with chronic illness. Soot is a particular issue for working-class and Black and brown families across the country, and we need the EPA to step up and do its job to enact the strongest possible standards to limit soot pollution.

Across Northern California, from the coal and oil power plants in Bayview-Hunters Point in San Francisco to Richmond’s Chevron refinery and beyond, SEIU 1021 members have mobilized for environmental justice. Now, there are two powerful opportunities to make your voice heard!

First, click here to add your name to our petition demanding the Environmental Protection Agency live up to its name and take action to protect the 20 million Americans suffering the toxic effects of soot.

Time is running out, but if we act now, we can curb the most dangerous and deadly effects of toxic soot pollution, including cancer, asthma attacks, and heart disease. Add your name to the petition today! 

The deadline is just a few days away so please sign the petition NOW!

Second, RSVP for SEIU’s Climate Justice Summit to join hundreds of SEIU member activists working to win on climate change This is the third annual virtual summit where members can connect and organize to win. We all remember the hotter, fire-plagued summers that have threatened our homes and workplaces over the past few years, and the wet, windy, flood-prone winters like the one we’re in right now. If ever there was a time for working people to speak for change in the face of these dire challenges, it’s now,.