SEIU 1021

SEIU 1021 Tides Network members win big raises in wage reopener


SEIU 1021 members at Tides Network recently received a unit-wide raise of up to 15% as a result of of compensation equity bargaining. The whole package totaled nearly $400,000 for the unit of 120 workers.

“Tides Network members were tasked with running data analysis and navigating complicated jargon and formulas in order to develop our bargaining position,” explained Meghan Herbert, SEIU 1021 Tides Network chapter president. ”I’m most proud of the time and effort members put in – joining extra meetings and digesting long communications – to truly understand the issues at stake, reach consensus on our stance, and collectively push management towards our vision of pay equity.”

Their contract had a wage re-opener for the third year. Bargaining for compensation equity began in September and concluded in late February. It was very contentious, as members felt the equity proposal from management was unfair and poorly designed.

They organized multiple supermajority actions as part of an escalating campaign: two open bargaining sessions, where members not on the bargaining team showed up to negotiations sessions; two petitions that went to upper management and the board of directors; and Zoom actions at all staff meetings.