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SEIU 1021 President Theresa Rutherford honored as one of Sun-Reporters’ ‘Talented Twenty-Five’ of 2023


While we are looking forward to all that 2024 has to offer, we are proud to take one last look back to celebrate the recent recognition of our very own SEIU Local 1021 President Theresa Rutherford as one of the Sun-Reporter’s Talented Twenty-Five of 2023.

The 78-year-old Bay Area publication, which proudly proclaims itself to be “a news journal dedicated to the cause of the people,” has also honored other SEIU alumni in the past, including former SEIU 1021 President Joseph Bryant and member Cheryl Thornton

President Rutherford said, “This honor, while directed at me, is really an honor for SEIU 1021 and the work that we’ve been doing collectively. We continue to stand up for workers and our community, and I don’t think I would have been recognized if it were not for the work we are collectively doing.

“I accept this honor on behalf of all of us workers and people in the labor movement. This is a vehicle to continue to serve and continue to uplift my colleagues and the social justice movement, which is much bigger than any of us individually.”

Read the full special edition of the Sun-Reporter here: 

Sun-Reporter's Talented Twenty-Five of 2023