SEIU 1021

SEIU 1021 members urge Chico voters to say YES on Measure H


Right now, Chico’s retail tax generates less than half of what it costs to run the city. Chico’s population has grown by nearly 19% in the past 10 years, yet the City has 21 fewer city employees—meaning SEIU 1021 members are doing more with less to serve their community.

The City of Chico works hard to be fiscally responsible while maintaining essential city services. However in recent years, population growth, the Camp Fire, COVID-19, and state mandates have all stressed our City finances, and the City’s budget can’t keep pace.

“SEIU 1021 members in the City of Chico’s Public Works Department need the resources to be able to continue the good work we do; much the way neighboring counties have the resources they need. Measure H will ensure we have the funds so we can continue to make Chico the place we are proud to call home,” said James Erven, Bidwell Park Field Supervisor, SEIU 1021 City of Chico chapter President.

The resources generated by Measure H will help the city of Chico leverage additional grant funding, so the funds are working at twice the capacity. This additional funding would generate badly needed resources for park and road maintenance, housing, and public safety.

You can read more about Measure H here. If you’d like to join SEIU 1021 members and volunteer to help pass Measure H, please click here.