SEIU 1021

SEIU 1021 member Cassandra James wins Solano County Board of Supervisors election

Cassandra James

Cassandra James, a proud SEIU 1021 member, has emerged victorious in the election for supervisor in Solano County District 1. It’s not just a win for her, or for SEIU 1021, but for working people in Solano County.

With an unwavering commitment to advocating for diverse communities, working people, and the next generation, Cassandra’s victory is a testament to the power of grassroots organizing and community engagement.

Throughout the campaign, SEIU 1021 GOTV (get out the vote) volunteers mobilized tirelessly, making 5,000 calls on election day alone to encourage voters to head to the polls. Additionally, volunteers canvassed precincts and engaged with voters at key locations such as the ferry and farmers market, amplifying Cassandra’s message of empowerment and change.

Upon her win, Cassandra expressed her gratitude: “I’m deeply honored that I will be the next supervisor from District 1. As a proud SEIU 1021 member, this win is for all of us. This is for diverse communities, working people, the next generation. We celebrate today and continue to do the work tomorrow. When we fight, WE WIN!”

Cassandra’s win provides SEIU 1021 members with direct representation and collaboration opportunities with local decision-makers on issues like fair wages and workplace protections. Her victory reflects the collective strength of SEIU 1021 and its commitment to social and economic justice.