SEIU 1021

Save the date! SEIU 1021 2024 Convention is coming soon!


SEIU 1021 members, mark your calendars! Hold the date for our SEIU 1021 Convention, scheduled for September 28-29 in Sacramento.

Under this year’s empowering theme “Dream, Organize, Fight, Win!” this convention will be a rallying point for our union’s collective vision and determination.

This theme resonates deeply with our daily struggles and aspirations for fair wages, safe working conditions, and dignified treatment. It also emphasizes the importance of organizing to amplify our voices and advocate for our rights. It acknowledges the battles we face, and the resilience required to overcome them. But most importantly, it embodies the hope and belief that through unity and action, victory is within our reach.

We’ll see you in Sacramento this September to reaffirm our commitment to these ideals and pave the way for a brighter future for all SEIU 1021 members! Stay tuned for more info coming soon!